JOY TRAVEL presents

FALL EQUINOX 2003 - September 10-23/2003
Cheryl Yambrach Rose and
Vanda Osmon

ERIU - Goddess Sovereignty of Ireland

Merlin Awaits

Artwork by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Cheryl and Vanda invite you to join us for this unforgettable odyssey. This journey is a living book, where we experience miracles in the moment and co-create the highest experiences with divine energies. The essence is about awakening the Merlin within you and finding your creative magical self. We will continue the trail of LOVE & TRUTH CONQUER ALL and as kindred spirits we will journey together and activate our highest potential through empowerment, discovery, soul remembrance, meditations, group experiences, sharing, play, joy and sacred moments of contemplation.


You are about to embark upon a remarkable journey. The vision is 'The Magician Waits Within You' as we become the highest creative magical being that lives inside us all. With Merlin's help we will reach through time to embody greater truth and understanding. Join us on a sacred pilgrimage as we re-examine ancient lost lore, legends and known facts. Arthur, Merlin, Vortigern, Ambrosius and Sir Kay (Cai) were all real figures in ancient British history. Near a lake in Wales, called Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake), is a hill fort known as Cear Gai meaning " stronghold of Cai. - here Arthur spent his youth and fosterage.

We will visit Dinas Emrys in Snowdonia, which means " Fort of Ambrosius" . Here Merlin advised Vortigern about building his castle. Merlin's infamous vision of a red and white dragon fighting in a pool beneath, took place at this site. You can actually still see water in the dragon pool. It is so intriguing to sit in the natural wizard's chair in the roots of a tree knowing that both Merlin and Arthur were once living here envisioning their world from this powerful place.

In Wales, we will stand on the ancestral home of Bran the Blessed and Branwen at Harlech Castle and look out across the Irish Sea. The name Bran means raven and is a symbol of prophecy. Bran's ravens still occupy the castle turrets and their ethereal cries are carried on the wind across the sea. Perhaps if we listen we will hear the music of 'such sweetness' that enchanted Bran to the Otherworld where the Goddess appeared and sang to him of the wonders of the islands to the west.

In Ireland we will hear of the ancient foundation races like the Tuatha De Danann, who may have been the fairy race of 'shining ones" themselves that are written about by great Irish seerers and authors like A.E. Russell and Yeats.

We will also explore the idea of the Goddess of Sovereignty - she who represents the sanctity of the land. Her empowerment comes from nature and is an otherworldly one. What is done to the land affects her. In Celtic traditions, she bestowed Sacred Kingship. If the king did not respect her, his kingdom would not prosper. If he made peace with her, he became a sovereign himself. It was in their union that life received its impetus and together they ruled in peace.

On this journey we will look at our own sovereignty and our relationship with the sacred land - enabling us to create our highest visions for ourselves and the world around us. MAGICAL IRELAND & NORTHERN WALES


Cheryl Yambrach Rose, Cheryl is an intuitive and visionary Artist. She has accompanied 26 sacred Journeys to reach into the continuum of the sacred site and paint what is held within its grid. Her paintings have graced the covers of magazines, books, CD's, posters and cards in the United States, Australia and Europe. She has shown at the Rockefeller Collection, The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, as well as many other collections throughout the world. She lives and paints in Mt. Shasta, California and is known for creating - " Art through the Eyes of the Soul" . Cheryl will be gifting everyone on the journey with a signed print from our experiences in Wales and Ireland. For more information on Cheryl and her amazing art, please call 530 926-6738, or see her Website:

Vanda Mary Osmon, created Joy Travel in 1983, after a profound spiritual experience in Egypt. She specializes in sacred journeys for the heart and soul. and has created and escorted over 46 customized journeys worldwide. Vanda provides opportunities to see, feel and explore earth mysteries and helps create the space for greater miracles to occur. Vanda is a global networker, researcher, co-founder of Quest for Atlantis on Bimini. She is a lecturer on sacred sites, earth ley lines and ancient mysteries. She creates empowering living stories with a love of connecting people, places, past and present into a greater understanding.
JOY TRAVEL journeys for the heart and soul, offers the amazing experiences to explore sacred places of the world. Each journey is designed to enhance your personal transformation and is created to foster multidimensional experiences for the mind, body, and spirit.


Enchanting Ireland and Wales offers lands both rich in folklore, fairy tales, myths and legends. We will have a private visit to the massive quartz Neolithic chambered Cairn of Newgrange. We will visit Clonegal Castle home of Lady Olivia, and the worldwide Fellowship of Isis. Toby Hall, dowser, earth harmonizer and guide extraordinaire will guide us to some amazing places in Ireland. Toby is known as the 'megalithic maniac' and will be sharing information on megalithic art and cultures, as well as arranging for authentic Celtic music. Cheryl and Vanda will give special talks on the myths and legends of these fascinating places.

Letting inspiration, imagination, and alchemy guide us we will experience magnificent places where otherworldly being and nature meet in a dynamic communion. We will experience the energies of " As above so below " and the physical structures and standing stones within the landscape that were built by the ancient ones to capture the magic of celestial cycles that connect Earth and Sky

Day 1 - Wed - 9/10 - DEPARTURE
Depart for London from your gateway city.

Day 2 - Thur - 9/11- LONDON - WALES
Arrive in the late morning and journey to the heart of Cadfael country in Shropshire near the Welsh border. The picturesque town of Shrewsbury is the setting for many of the monk detective's famous mysteries. We have a special surprise as we settle into our hotel. Welcome dinner and orientation.

Day - 3 -Fri - 9/12 - BETWS-Y-COED
The symbol of Wales is the red dragon. Today we travel to Betws-y-coed. On the way we will see Dinas Bran, the legendary haunt of Merlin and one of the possible sites of the Grail Castle. This beautiful area is enhanced by cascading waterfalls, hilltop lakes and beautiful fall colors. The alpine village of Betws-Y-Coed is nestled at the base of the Snowdonia Mountains. Full of Welsh woolens, stone bridges and rushing water, it is placed at the meeting point of two rivers. In Celtic traditions, this powerful point where waters meet creates a natural gateway to the Otherworld. For this reason, the area is known to be the home of the Welsh fairies called the Tylwyth Tegs. Afternoon visit to the Fairy glen and then return to our hotel. (B& D)

Day 4 - Sat - 9/13 - DINAS EMRYS
Today we will travel south along the west coast and climb Dinas Emrys. After lunch on our own visit Caernarfon Castle. We will return through Snowdonia, place of the golden Eagles, to our hotel. B& D

Day 5 Sun - 9/14 PORTMERION
Today we visit Portmerion on Snowdonia's shore. This quaint village was built by Clough Williams-Ellis and is also where the " Village" in the popular series " The Prisoner" was filmed. This village with its lovely little shops was built as a work of art and is an architectural wonder. Afternoon visit Harlech castle, the place of ravens, the remains of Bran and Branwens's ancestral home and a powerful goddess site. Overnight Betws-y-coed. (B)

Day 6 - Mon - 9/15 - ANGLESEY
Today we will visit the ancient Holy Isle of Anglesey know n as Mona and Mam Cymru - Mother of Wales and the last stronghold of the Druids. There we find such sites as Penmon Priory, St. Seirol's Well, Bryn Celli Du a chambered cairn, Llandadwaladr Church and Beaumaris Castle. Overnight in Anglesey (B)

Day 7 -Tues -9/16 - ANGLESEY - IRELAND
Today we will visit Ty Mawr a druid village overlooking the Irish Sea and in the afternoon take the 90-minute ferry to Dublin, home of Eriu goddess of Ireland. Arrive and transfer to our hotel. Visit Trinity College and see the book of Kells and explore this amazing city. (B)

Day 8 - Wed - 9/17 -IRELAND
We will journey north to Boyne Valley a magnificent site with 5,000-year-old chambered Cairns. Boyne Valley is marked, as the Irish " Valley of the Kings" Here are magnificent Cairns, which are considered the Cathedrals of Neolithic times. Visit Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth. the largest most complex passage tombs in the world with incredible carved stones with spirals and intricate designs. Research has show that Newgrange faces the rising mid winter solstice, Knowth the two equinoxes and Dowth sill unexcavated probably covered midsummer solstice sunrise. We will have a private visit at Newgrange a impressive site that is covered with quartz crystals, with a 60-foot long entrance hall and a twenty feet circular chamber. Lunch on our own. Afternoon visit Fourknocks and then on to the hotel. Overnight (B& D

Day 9- Thur - 9/18- TARA 7 LOUGHCREW
Today we will visit the sacred center of Ireland. - Tara. The hill of Tara is said to represent the womb of Mother Ireland and where the High Kings of Ireland were crowned. The Lia Fail Stone the " Stone of Destiny" would roar when the king was accepted and was also considered to be an ancient fertility symbol. After lunch visit Lough Crewe, two complexes with impressive mounds and rock carvings. Overnight (B& D)

Day 10 - Fri - 9/19 - KILDARE
Leave for Kildare check into our hotel Special gatherings with the sisters of Brigid. Evening talks on Celtic lore. Overnight. (B& D)

Day 11 - Sat 9/20 - BRIGANTIA
Today is dedicated to Brigid's Holy Site. We will follow the footsteps of Brigid with the Brigidine sisters of Kildare and visit Brigid's Cathedral which once housed both monks and nuns under one roof, the Sacred Flame where a perpetual fire burned until the 16th century, and her holy well. Overnight (B)

Day 12 -Sun - 9/21 - CLONEGAL CASTLE
Today we will visit Clonegal Castle. The grounds of the castle are filled with many sacred and magical sites - the Abbey of Dana, the Sacred Grove of Morrigu, row of yew trees and much more. Special equinox gathering. Overnight (B& D)

Day 13 -Mon - 9/22 - DUBLIN
We will journey back to Dublin visiting Brown's Hill Dolmen on the way. Afternoon time for shopping and exploring Dublin's fair city. Farewell dinner and closing. Overnight in Dublin. (B& D)

Day 14-Tues - 9/23 - DEPARTURE HOME
After breakfast transfer to airport for return flight home.

Option to visit the Glastonbury or sites of Scotland

MYSTERIES OF Northern Wales and Ireland
LAND COST: $2,880.00
(Includes all items on the itinerary, based on double occupancy)
AIR & LAND - SFO approx. $3,700.00
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Single Room Supplement: $ 450.00
Credit cards available with 3% processing fee

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Artwork on this page by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

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