By Marcella de Lavaissiere and Vanda Osmon

There are sacred places in the world that are lost in time and exist today as centers of spiritual illumination. There are special places known by indigenous cultures where mystical traditions and the reality of visitation to the Earth by a variety of entities are well known. It is time to understand and work with the transformation energies that are available through cosmic contact. These ancient stargates of knowledge are open and they offer spiritual experiences that will help transform human consciousness.

Artwork David Singer from Secret of the Andes
by Brother Phillip

My guidance has shown me that the work of the 90" s has been to gather the soul family, heal the past and prepare the way for the new energies of 2000. I know that the energies of 2001 are about trusting, integrity and learning to understand, manifest and work with the new spiritual energies that are available. There is and immense global Spiritual Renaissance taking place. We are developing a heightened spiritual perspective and a compassion heart that can transform our physical world through intent, intuition and action. Today many people are learning to trust the unknown and following synchronicity or events that bring us the right information at the right time. We are learning to trust ourselves and the divine force within all life that is guiding us. Even through challenges we are always guided to greater understanding.

The energies of 2001 and 2002 is a time of tremendous transformation and cellular activation as we integrate divine light and energy into our bodies. This activation can help to open new dimensions within us. We have moved into an entirely new cycle of time and the old ways will not work any more. Realizations of these energies communicate to us in a different language - a Language of Light and Love that speaks within us through subtle feelings and a sense of inner knowingness.

An opportunity was presented to participate in a ceremony at an ancient cave in Peru for the Summer Solstice and the lunar eclipse - the double Stargate on June 21st, 2001. My friend Marcella has shared her spiritual experiences and has talked about this special place high in the mountains on her family’s land. It was here that her guidance told her to create spiritual gatherings for humanity. I accepted the divine invitation and flew to Cusco.

Marcele shared more about the cave. She told me it is a center of illumination in the Andean plateau called K'akkapunko an Aymara name for Stone Door. This ancient cave is located about eight hours away from Cusco. It is a pristine area in the Andean high plateau above 13,000 feet above sea level. It is part of a land called Chillioroya, which has belonged to Marcela's family through generations. This cave has been honored by the ancient ones and is a sacred stargate of ancient knowledge. This cave serves as a center of illumination in the Peruvian Andes to irradiate light to our planet.

During the worst years of terrorism in Peru (1987), Marcela decided to move to the USA and wanted to take the energy of the cave with her. Benoit, her husband went back to the farm and the cave and brought back some stones. One of these, a calcite rock had the shape of an ET face, Marcela thought it had an interesting shape and started to meditate with it. After awhile, she contacted an intra-terrestrial being named Zaneon who gave her all the information related to the cave, the lagoon and their spiritual meaning in the New Age of Light. She requested from them protection for the land and her family, they requested protection for the environment, a long lasting friendship started.

This cave was a remnant of an ancient time - the time of MU, where there was a White Brotherhood retreat and a crystal temple under the lagoon of Huayllapacheta. The intra-terrestrial beings as the Masters were waiting for the right time to contact humanity. A message was given: " ..there will be a time when the intra-terrestrial beings, the human beings and the extra-terrestrial beings will be aligned under the same vibration connected by a shaft of light, only then the energy vortex at the cave will be activated and the inter-dimensional door will open. At that time the era of light will begin and when this happens, we will welcome all of you to participate in the purification and ascension of your beloved planet as your own..."

In September 1996, Marcela led a group of people representing humanity to activate the energy vortex at the cave and open the inter-dimensional door to contact intra-terrestrial beings as well as the White Brotherhood Masters. Since then, people representing the North and South from the Americas have been invited to attend every equinox and solstice for a blessing and to perform ceremonies re-uniting the Eagle and the Condor. The ones chosen by the Master and Beings of Light are those who have the inner strength and love to follow spirit, a profound connection with Mother Earth and an openness to accept the divine forces in simple ways. Then upon returning home, they will take back the most powerful energies to connect global vortexes and create a web of light around the planet. The area around the cave is protected by the space brothers who manifest themselves as beams of light, space ships, portals and give channeled information to contacts. Since then the sacred cave of K'akkapunko and the White Brotherhood retreat under the lagoon of Huayllapacheta nearby have opened their doors to all for contact.

We knew we needed to be at the Cave for June 21, 2001. We knew we were here to re-member and activate our bodies as well as the planetary girds and weave a new possibility of energy that flowed through us from heaven to earth from earth to heaven. We knew we were here to experience the down pouring of divine love and wisdom that was occurring all over the world and to give thanks. We were ready and in the morning on June 20th we left for the cave and drove to the province of Chumbivilcas. We arrive late in the afternoon and settled in at Marcela’s family’s farmhouse high on the Andean plateau. The landscape was beautiful with golden hills, high mountain peaks, fabulous antichlor clouds and blue skies. It is so pure, sacred and ancient.

After dinner we went outside as the night stars reveled the Milky Way over our heads. The stars twinkled randomly calling our attention above to observe the starry dance in the dark night sky. Jupiter was bright over our heads and it was cold, dark and beautiful under the New moon. The five of us, Marcela, Rachael, Felix, Nora, and myself walked into the field and formed a circle away from the house under the stars. We joined hands and chanted Om Rama. Felix led a meditation in Spanish and Marcela kindly translated in English for me. At one point I opened my eyes, I was so cold for I had forgotten my gloves and thought I should leave, but I did not want to break the energy of the circle. I had opened my eyes I saw a soft glow of light behind Marcella and Rachael illumining the area behind them. At first I thought the light was coming from the house but I realized that it was far away and that this light was like a beam of light illuminating only part of our circle. I do not know why I did not look up, but it felt so natural to see the light. I closed my eyes and have a peaceful meditation where I felt we were be gifted with so much love. I realized I was warm and content and not cold anymore. We ended with light all around that beamed into our circle of five. It was amazing. We walked back to the house and I saw a brilliant falling star, so bright and golden. It looked like a meteorite. I called to everyone to come and made a wish. We all look up and instead of falling to the earth it seem to slow down and then picked up speed at it went across the sky without burning up. It was so beautiful – a big bright golden light moving across the night sky. Felix shared that it may have been a huge golden ship from Jupiter. We all made a wish and went to bed excited about tomorrow’s ceremony.

The morning of June 21st was a beautiful double Stargate day. It was a Winter solstice in the Andes and Summer solstice in North America with a solar eclipse. An eclipse is a catalyst for change. A stargate is gateway to interdimensional consciousness a doorway home to the stars that offers the opportunities to access new energies and realize greater cosmic awareness. What a beautiful day for a global meditation. This was the time for opening our hearts to cosmic and earth energies that were supporting massive change around the planet.

In the morning we drove to the K’akkapuncom cave. We drove south and stopped at a huge out cropping of rocks near Marcela families ancestral home. We park the car and climb up the rocks. Three Andean Eagles blessed us at the entrance of the cave. As we reached the entrance to the cave there were to two guarding rocks, a feminine and masculine figure. As we approached the cave all of a sudden there were water planets, moss and ferns. I have never seen anything like this cave on the high plateau at 13,5000 feet. As we entered this ancient cave we entered another time and place. It was a Shangri-La in the rarefied energies on the high plateau. Here was a beautiful waterfall where cold water fell from an opening in the ceiling into a shallow pristine pool. Huge green ferns covered the walls of the cave and there were moss and water plants all around.

The ceremony at the Sacred Cave was amazing. We were five people representing humanity, 4 women and 1 man. The intra-terrestrial beings, the devas and the masters welcomed us and joined us in our ceremony. We chanted OM and integrated their energies to manifest a shaft of light on three levels. We felt the divine forces in every corner of the cave and felt we were bathed in a very powerful energy that filled us with love, harmony and peace. Marcella came forward and blessed each one of us with a condor feather. As suggested by our space brothers and Mission Rahma guides, we followed the steps to contact beings from Jupiter and Alpha Centauri who created a light circle around us, that opened up different portals. They gave us information about the ancient people who inhabited this area, and gave us hints to re-connect with our past in the high Andes. We saw different colors of light, beautiful lights crossing the sky and ships shaped in the clouds. We felt their presence at all the time around us with their support and guidance. As part of our mission, we re-created the shaft of light at the cave, work with the unification of the eagle and the condor and join in the world healing meditation. I was told that all over the world today there was a physical activation-taking place within our bodies allowing us to anchoring into our physical template, the light of our souls that would shine for everyone. I could see people all over the world creating circles of light.

We felt the unification of the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South. It has been said that when the Eagle of the North America and the Condor of South America come together again there would be peace for all humanity. The unification would recognize the shift of the divine feminine ray from Tibet to the Andes and would herald the activation of the Andes and a New Age for all. We integrated within ourselves the most powerful cosmic energy to help us ascend to higher levels of spirituality and we activated our cellular memories so we could radiate and share our experience with others seeking the truth and light. We were beyond time and space in the glow of rarefied energies high in the Andes in an ancient cave vortex filled with holy waters and much love. We left the cave knowing the time for cosmic activation is now! We came down from the hill as the Andean Eagles called and bid us farewell. We shared a very profound experience, which opened our hearts and minds to a divine world.

Later that evening we went out under the stars. There were welcoming lights flashing here, there and on a distance hill. We gathered for mediation and Felix led us up into a glowing ship of light. Marcela called forth the wisdom of the ancient one, Aramu Ra to honor this sacred land. I remembered I was following Felix’s words in Spanish as Marcela translated his message. I open my eyes it was cold and dark. I look down at my feet and even with white tennis shoes I could not see my feet. How strange. I look around I could not see anyone’s feet. I could feel the earth under my feet and it did not feel like I was levitating but we were disappearing. I immediately thought that if on one level I was being levitated into a ship I wanted to see the ships’ power source. I then heard Marcela translate that Felix had said someone in our group has asked for a tour. Well of course I closed my eyes and followed the energy and his words. As Felix guided us to three masters on board a light ship, I saw three figures each with their hands together in a mutra holding a candle. I immediately went to explore the ship and saw a brilliant apparatus suspended in a circular shape with beams of light coming out. It was not a crystal but a brilliant power light source that seemed to be fueling the ship. I then saw some coils and I said I know what that is. It is a Telsa coil. A voice inside my head said yes we know you know. I next saw a room with a glass dome window. I could see the earth. It was so beautiful, blue, clear and radiating much light. I felt they were beaming love to our planet and helping us form afar. I was back in the room with the three masters but now before me was the most beautiful eternal flame that was burning brightly. I know that in the past ancient cultures had put out their sacred flame until the time was right for truth to reign again. In my heart I felt this was a sign that a new era of truth is truly here.

We packed up to leave for Cusco. On the way back everywhere I look in the earth were ancient seeds of ferns and moss. Nestled in the earth were primordial seeds left as gift from the past. How these seed could survive in the high plateau and cold, I do not know. You could see by a water stream or under the shade of rocks, given any chance at all, these little ferns were trying to grow. It felt like this land was once a part of the ancient continent that had been thrusted up to the sky.

Not far from the Cave is a Sphinx like hill. We stopped to take pictures. Marcela indicated the Aymara name is Husahuani, which means place where technical things are buried. Driving home we passed the summit where there is a profound lagoon called Hwayllapacheta, Aymara name for People of the High Peak gathers together. It is a White Brotherhood retreat, with a crystal temple under the lagoon. The lagoon is at 14,400 feet and there are many legends about this site. Some say they see light at night beneath the waters. Some say it is very deep and that the water in the cave comes from this lagoon. We left and as we looked back we saw lights dancing on the surface of the lagoon. We knew in our hearts that the shift of the ages had begun. We knew the entire continent was being awakened.

Upon returning home Marcela has shared the following from Felix. The Masters have requested to open our doors completely to allow them to come and work with us and give us information regarding future contacts, preparation into the 5th dimension and DNA changes. They have asked for all of us to repeat the mantra Zin Uru, which are old Egyptian mantras given to Sixto Paz of Mission Rama long ago. This mantra opens door and you will feel the power and the effect of this mantra. The energy goes first to your head and many windows will be activated. The doorway is open and the veil is gone. It is time to open the Cave to those who are ready. A place where time does not exist - a door to the intra-terrestrial worlds.

The following from Humanity Mission/Rama Mission, . Taken from the Masters, under the orientation of the extra-terrestrial guides. Helps to develop the physical, mental end spiritual bodies.


Much Joy Vanda Osmon and Marcela de Lavaissiere

We have come together to bring light souls together to help activate the divine body, empower the soul, and connect with the emerging transformation energies available at the sacred places in the Andes. The work we do now is for the world and all humanity. From sacred places in the Andes high in the mountains, rarefied energies are being down poured upon the earth to help us re-member and awaked dormant energies and abilities. By coming together and sharing ritual, mediations and payer, we can activate our divine essence and then upon returning home share these rarefied energies as a gift to help awaken those around us.

Sacred cave of K´akkapunco-Cusco, Peru Winter solstice 2002

Visit sacred places in the Andes, activate energy vortexes and portals, and integrate the energy of ancient Peruvian into your life. If you are drawn to the Andes for an authentic spiritual experience, join us in the sacred mountains and feel your heart center beating in harmony with the hearts of many other souls and light circles around the world. Open to the beauty of your soul and feel the love of mother earth and the divine, filling your body and consciousness with the most powerful cosmic energy. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime! Blessed are the teachers and masters who clear the way for the others to follow, blessed are the souls which remember who they are and their cosmic mandate, and blessed are the ones who recognize the light and contribute in the ascension of our beloved planet .We are weaving a robe of light to wrap humanity. The doorway is already open! Blessings Marcela de Lavaissiere

Marcela is a world travelers a visionary and co-owner of Enigma expeditions. Se has had many experiences with divine being and interdimensional cosmic energies that guide and inspire her. Marcella is an expert guide and healer who help awaken the seed of the divine with each ones. She is currently working to establish a light center in Lake Titicaca and a special retreat center near her sacred cave in the Andes. Marcela facilities mystical experiences in the Andes and Peru. She works with the energies of the Unification of the Eagle and the Condor, which heralds a new era of love and peace for all humanity. E-mail: , 51 84 221353 phone/fax. See

Vanda Osmon, Owner of Joy Travel, journeys for the Heart and Soul. She has created and escorted over 44 sacred customized journeys worldwide. Vanda provided opportunities to see, feel and explore Earth mysteries and helps creates the space for greater miracles to occur. Vanda is a global networker, metaphysician, researcher, co-founder in 1989 of Quest for Atlantis on Bimini and on going Bimini research projects. Vanda creates living stories with a love of connecting peoples, places, past and present into greater understanding and mastery. We are the ones who will bring forth the gifts of a new ear of love and understanding for our children. Much Joy Vanda E-mail: , web site: , 800 569-5010 760 944-9915 phone/fax.

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