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July 20th - July 27, 2002

As Above so Below

(Artwork by Ross Hamilton see


Imagine yourself exploring and attuning to the sacred wisdom of the ancient ones who have created the amazing Serpent Mound. We will explore the mysteries of the enigmatic mound culture in Southern Ohio and how they  relate to the earth grid and celestial events. We will  attune to the  land, celebrate and renew our lives as well as join in sacred circles sharing our love and wisdom. Encoded within us are the keys that will unlock the mysteries enabling us to realize greater harmony, peace, vision and our highest purpose.

Our goal for the July Full moon gathering is to bring together those who feel called to this special area of the world for a magical growth experience in nature, and to celebrate life on the land of the ancient mound builders. Accommodations have been arranged at Murphin Ridge Inn, and at  Woodland Alters Chalets and campsites. All accommodations are very close to serpent mound.

This journey is to honor spirit and we welcome you to join us on the land. We have come up with three ideas to help you participate. Please review the choices and let us know as soon as possible to reserve your accommodations.

1. We have rooms at Murphin Ridge Inn, a beautiful deluxe and charming Inn on 142 acres of rolling woods. Bountiful country breakfast is served every morning and the restaurant is noted for its famous home cook meals. Swimming pool, hiking trails, basketball courts, tennis, hammocks and more. Please see Land Price $895.00

2, Woodland Alters, a 450-acre retreat camp center. They have chalets that sleep six - three bedrooms, two with two twin beds and one with a double bed. Each chalet sleeps six peoples and features a fully equipped kitchen, two full baths and dining area, living/family rooms with woods store. Please see Land Price $459.00

3. Woodland Alters campgrounds. If you live near by or are planning to drive and would like to camp this is a great place. Please see Please call Vanda 1 800 569-5010 or Debbie Johnson at 937 587-6055.

The prices are to cover costs for seven nights accommodations based on your choice above, transportation and entrance fees to mounds, meals as indicated on the brochure, gifts to elders, gatherings, sweat lodges and special talks with Terri Rivera-Piat, contemporary Native American musician and healer and  Suzanne Tewawiana Hopi Navajo teachers. For more information please call Vanda Osmon Joy Travel. 1-500-569-5010

Celebration on the land.  Come join us for the Full Moon in July to celebrate life and the gifts of nature. The energies in for the Full Moon in July are outstanding. We encourage you to touch deeply into your dreams and let love and the  divine spirit guides you to your next journey of your  unfolding destiny.   

Artwork William Romain



Strategically positioned and astronomically aligned, the Serpent Mound remains an unexplained earth mystery. What was the purpose behind this monumental earth design, who created it and why?

Come and find out for yourself.

Throughout the American Midwest there are a myriad of huge mounds shaped into countess forms. Some feel these earthen mounds were built around 800 AD, but new archeological research and the science of archaeoastronomy indicate they are far older. The Serpent Mound in Ohio is nearly a quarter of a mile long and is the largest serpent effigy in the United States.

The ancient mound builders created amazing mound at specific location to capture the rays of the Sun and to harmonize and amplify the surrounding Earth energies. Many feel they predict solstice, equinox, eclipses, solar and lunar cycles as wells as the 18.6 year moon cycle similar to Callanish in Scotland. The Serpent Mound is a storehouse of ancient wisdom and sacred knowledge - A doorway to the past and to the future.

The Ancient ones encoded their timeless wisdom in their art, landscape, architecture, stone circles, and effigies using specific locations, sacred geometry and celestial alignments. At these sacred sites they used ritual and ceremony to help keep energy flowing between Heaven and Earth. As current cycles are ending and new ones are emerging it is time to remember, honor and integrate sacred wisdom in to our lives.

This journey is designed to celebrate nature and to remember ancient wisdom deep within us. We will use the Song of our Soul and the Eyes of our Heart to see, honor and experience the great beauty the Earth keepers left us.

Many of the mounds depict animals and star constellations - As above so below. By coming together on the land we will synthesis the qualities of the four directions into our lives and share our vision of peace for all humanity.

Who teaches us to walk in beauty.
Who teaches us to have no fear.
The ancient ones who teaches us earth stewardship
Who teaches us the way of vision and purpose.


Debbie Johnson, works as an amateur paleontologist and rock shop owner.  She considers herself host for Serpent Mound's sacred travelers as she works to create a special place for visitors to learn about prehistoric life and the environments that was once  the world in which we live today.  Her passion and personal research involves  a deeper understanding for ancient Egypt, it's  belief system, and culture.  She has been able to bring together connections  between the ancient Egyptian religion  and the natural world both earthly and solar.  Her discoveries will  have us all looking to the mountains and horizons of Egypt with new vision and understanding.

Terri Rivera-Piat, spiritual healer guest speaker and contemporary Native American musician. She has studied with Navajo, Hopi, Shawnee, Choctaw, Cherokee, Apache, Lakota, Irish, Aztec, Mayan and Incan Healers. Her vision is to help others rediscover their own spiritual identity. She offers healing session and has the ability to help other retrieve their personal chant. These chants help to align energy centers in the body and helps in manifesting your dreams. She will conduct our sweat lodges and use song and stories to share the Voice of our Ancestors. Terri will guide us at each site and fine the tonal essence to unlock the keys of wisdom inherent at the sites we will be visiting.

Artist/Spiritualist Terri Rivera-Piatt’s (Sings with Ravens) background is Pima, Aztec and Irish.  Growing up in Idaho, she was influenced by the Pow-wow’s held at the nearby Shoshoni-Bannock Reservation, there she would listen for hours to the beat of the drum that would pierce her very soul and tell her of things to come. She also spent time working as a young woman in such beautiful places as Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

She has studied with Navajo, Hopi, Shawnee, Choctaw, Cherokee, Apache, Lakota, Irish, Aztec, Mayan, and Incan Healers.    It is because of her studies and her rich and various ancestral histories, that her mission has become to help others rediscover (as she has) their own Indigenous Spiritual identities.

While on a Vision Quest, led by her grandmother, Sings with Ravens was gifted with the ability to retrieve personal chants for all that come to her.  She attends many events where You can come and sit with her for a while, as she tunes into your Ancestral Guides and then retrieves your personal chant that can re-connect you with your ancestral roots, it is this chant that will help you to heal yourself by lining up your energy centers, as well as assist you in manifesting your own dreams. She is known by many as a gifted psychic and curandera (a spiritual healer) where she sometimes employs the use of a Temezcal (sweat-lodge) to talk to spirit and find the source of an illness, then cleanse and heal.

Terri will guide us at each site and fine the tonal essence to unlock the keys of wisdom inherent at each site we will be visiting. Terri also offers handmade  drums for sell.

Suzanne Tewawina, Hopi/Navajo/Nez Pierce, was born and raised on the Navajo/Hopi reservation with the belief that her Native American Cultures should be taught to insure that her heritage would not be forgotten. She has spent her life teaching Native American Cultural and works to educate both adults and children in Native American History. Suzanne lectures, provides healing circle workshops, writing workshops and seminars, as well as organizing Native American Festivals both nationally and internationally. As a member of the Cultural Resources History Committee in West Virginia she works to protect, recover, and reclaim ancient sacred ceremonial sites. Her present work includes writing two books, one on the anthology of Native Women Authors, and her own memoirs of growing upon the reservation, as well as a film documentary on Serpent Mound. Suzanne will be sharing her gifts and stories for our ceremonies.

Vanda Osmon, created Joy Travel in 1983, specializing in sacred journeys for the heart and soul. She has created and escorted over 44 customized journeys worldwide. Vanda provides opportunities to see, feel and explore Earth mysteries and helps create the space for greater miracles to occur. Vanda is a global networker, researcher, co-founder in 1989 of Quest for Atlantis on Bimini and on going Bimini research. She is a lecturer on sacred sites, earth ley lines and ancient mysteries. She creates living stories with a love of connecting people, places, past and present into a greater understanding. Please visit website


Explore ancient Effigy Mounds
Experience July Full Moon at the Serpent Mound
Engage in ceremonies, sweat lodge and drumming.
Special quest lectures and gatherings
Enjoy excellent food, star gazing, dip in the pool or relax in a hammock.
Time to revitalize, rejuvenate and relax
Sunrise mediations.

We will explore the mysterious mounds and attune to the essence the energies of this magnetic vortex. We will celebrate earth mother and the ancient ones who left us a legacy of wisdom encapsulated in their earthen effigies. We will have celebrations on the land sharing our vision and dreams, as wells as exploring amazing places: Serpent, Newark, Seip and Chillcothe Mounds and Mount City Group, Mineral Springs Lake, know for its healing waters and seven caves. At each site we well explore the tonal essences and honor the wisdom within. We will have ceremonies, guest lectures, information on ley lines, vortexes, archaeoastronomy as well as drumming, song, sweat lodge, music, fire circles, stargazing and talks on native wisdom. We have arranged for massages, healers and readers to be available for us.

On the Full Moon of Leo/Pisces we will have a special Full Moon celebration and join in sacred circle linking with other global circles of light. We will energize our full potential, integrate new dimensions within ourselves and radiate our love and joy to the planet. Come join us on this magical, mystery tour of the Mound cultures in Southern Ohio.



Depart from gateway cities and arrive at Cincinnati airport. Greeted and transfer to Murphin Inn. Check in, relax and explore the retreat center. Welcome dinner on the river and return to our Inn for evening gathering. (D)


After breakfast explore the famous Serpent Mound and have special talks on its history as wells as new discoveries about its star alignments. Terri will lead us in discovering the tonal essence of this site as we invoke the ancient wisdom of earth mother. Debbie will host us for dinner and she and Tom will share information on the Serpent Mound crypto explosion structure and its unusual geological features. Debbie will also share legends and myths of the local area. Evening fire circle and star gazing. (B& D)


After breakfast, we will visit and the amazing Newark octagon State Memorial and museum. Terri will lead us in a ceremony and will share more about the ancient wisdom coded within this site. We will have a picnic lunch on the land and then stop off at Flint hill an ancient gathering place for flint and arrow making. Return to our Inn. Return to our Inn. A sweat lodge will be created for those who would like to experience this ancient purification ceremony. After dinner sharing and talks on sacred sites world grid and vortexes. (BL)


After breakfast visit Seip Mound once a 122 acres site surrounded by a mound wall 10 feet high. Recent research indicates that a great ancient highway once connected many of the mound sites. We will then visit the seven caves and celebrate rebirth. In the afternoon we will go to Mineral Springs Lake known for its healing waters. Tonight is the eve of the Full moon and we will have a cook out under the stars and a celebration on the land. We will dream a new dream together and draw in the wisdom of the past to empower us now. We will sing our gratitude for all beings and the bounty of the Earth Mother. We will create a wave of sound, prayers and hope for the world through, singing dancing and drumming. (B& D)


SERPENT MOUND Photo by Rick Perco.

After breakfast, continue our full moon celebration by returning to Serpent mound. Terri will share her healing music and song. The Sun will be in Leo and the Moon in Pisces. This is the time to energies the mysteries of dreaming through conscious use of our imagination, listening to our inner heart song and sharing our life with other. By going deep within ourselves we can discover our dreams and passions and manifest our vision in the world. Today we will laugh and play and have time for walks in the woods, massages, personal sessions, sharing, dream time and renewal in nature. (B).


After breakfast we will visit Mound City Group, Chillicothe, Portsmouth and Horseshoe mounds. Afternoon at Brush creek with time for canoeing up the gentle river. Before we return shopping and exploring some Amish stores nearby. Return to our hotel and after dinner fire circle and stargazing. B& L)


Sunrise ceremony to welcome a new life and renewed energies. After breakfast time to integrate our new experiences. Massage, dip in the pool, relax in a hammock, journal writing on walk along the creek. Afternoon activation ceremony to support dreams visions and new beginnings. We will attune to the land and active cellular codes to reclaim wholeness, balance and fulfillment of our dreams through receiving the abundance gifts of life with deep gratitude for our divine support and guidance. Farewell dinner and closing ceremony (B& D)


Departure home filled with lasting memories and new vision.



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