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You are invited to join us to celebrate the gifts of nature and to remember ancient Wisdom.

  Imagine yourself exploring Sedona's magnificent vortexes and sacred canyons as we celebrate and renew our lives. Join in sacred circle as we link with other global circles of light for the Wesak Full Moon Meditation.

This journey is a living book, where we will experience miracles in the moment and co-create the highest experiences with divine energies for ourselves and the entire world.

Come join us in Sedona for the Full Moon in May as we share the wisdom of the ancestors as well as, our own stories, dreams and visions.

Gift of the Sacred Pipe - White Buffalo Woman Permission given by Artist Rogue Gulrey Simpson

Healing Presence By Bruce Harman

To the Great Spirit, a Prayer: That we may touch the Earth with kind and gentle hands, that freedom will be found in this and other lands, and joyous peace shall reign throughout the world!


We will be sharing the living traditions of this amazing land and attune to the Voices of the Ancestors. The vision of the sacred journey is the teaching of White Buffalo Woman and the gift of the Sacred Pipe.

We will use the Song of our Soul and the Eyes of our Heart to see, honor and experience the great beauty the Earth keepers have left us.

The Ancient ones encoded their timeless wisdom in their art, song, prayers, architecture and stone circles using specific colors, words, sacred geometry, location and celestial alignments. At these sacred sites they used ritual and ceremony to help keep energy flowing between Heaven and Earth. As current cycles are ending and new ones are emerging it is time to remember, honor and integrate sacred wisdom into our lives. Encoded within us are the keys that will unlock the mysteries enabling us to realize greater harmony, peace and higher purpose.

We will integrate within ourselves the most powerful cosmic energies during Wesak Full Moon to help activate our cellular memories. Our journey will be a living book of experiences as we share the gifts of the moment. We will go beyond time and space and remember our divine essence. In the glow of energies of the Red Rocks of Sedona we will remember the ancient ones and the prayers they have given us.

As above so below. By coming together on the land we will synthesize the qualities of the four directions into our lives and share our vision of peace for all humanity.

Who teaches us to walk in beauty
Who teaches us to have no fear
Who teaches us earth stewardship
Who teaches us the way of vision and purpose.


May 15, Thur - Day 1 - WESAK FULL MOON
Arrive Phoenix airport in early afternoon. We will meet in baggage and travel to Sedona and check into our Hotel. Sunset Full Moon Meditation overlooking Red Rocks of Sedona. Wesak Festival is considered to be one of the holiest days of the year. It is a time or reunion, pilgrimage and transformation where individuals all over the planet take an initiation on the inner-planes. At this time communication is open between humanity and the Divine and love and wisdom is down poured upon the world. Welcome Dinner and gathering. Overnight Hampton Inn.

Today will be on the land to experience the amazing energies of Sedona. Sedona is considered the spiritual vortex of the Southwest with absolutely sublime red rock formations. We will visit Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Airport Mesa and follow spirit where it guides us. Overnight Hampton Inn. Evening free to explore.

This will be a very special day at Avalon Gardens, a fantastic fifteen-acre paradise. In conjunction with Spirit Steps we will have a sweat lodge, lunch and a Medicine Wheel ceremony. We will surround ourselves in beauty, healing and profound experiences.

Today will be a magical day of empowerment. We will leave early and experience the land and amazing places in and around Sedona. There will be song, ceremony and special sharing as we come together as kindred family and share our visions. We surrender this day to the divine and know that magical and special moments will be given along the way. Gael will be sharing knowledge and experiences to enhance your life.

Morning gatherings and then checkout of our hotel and travel back to Phoenix Airport for our departures.

We have special rates at the Hampton Inn. If you would like to come early or stay longer please contact Hampton Inn at 1 928 282 4700 and reserve your room using Joy Travel discount rates.

All are welcome! Come bring your families children and let us celebrate together. This journey is to honor spirit and there are discounts for early registration, referrals and children. If you live in the area and have a van and would like to help with transportation, please call for a great discount.


Gael Summer, works as a facilitator helping others in the manifestation of love and light. Gael served in the Carter White House developing extensive communications skills with government officials in the US and abroad. Gael has traveled widely for more than 30 years, owned an international wholesale supply corporation and marketed products on every continent. Also is a trained mediator, Gael facilitates groups traveling to sacred places on the planet and has a degree in Comparative Religion and Anthropology from George Washington University. Currently, Gael is apprenticed in the Eagle Knight lineage of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements and is living and teaching the New Dream of the Planet based in love. Gael lives in Sedona. She will be sharing her love of this sacred place through ceremony and the music of the flute.

Vanda Mary Osmon created Joy Travel in 1983, after a profound spiritual experience in Egypt. She specializes in sacred journeys for the heart and soul, and has created and escorted over 46 customized journeys worldwide. Vanda provides opportunities to see, feel and explore earth mysteries and helps create the space for greater miracles to occur. Vanda is a global networker and she lectures on sacred sites and ancient mysteries. She creates empowering living stories with a love of connecting people, places, past and present into a greater understanding.
JOY TRAVEL, are journeys for the heart and soul, that offers amazing experiences to explore the sacred places of the world. Each journey is designed to enhance your personal transformation and is created to foster multidimensional experiences for the mind, body, and spirit.

We will be having special guests and teachers to enrich our program. more information coming soon.

Land Cost Only:
(Based on double occupancy)
Single Suppliment $255.00
Land Cost - Hotel: $455.00

  For those flying to Sedona, we will meet in Phoenix airport and will drive to our hotel. If you need help with air please call.
Major Credit Cards accepted with a small bank processing fee.

Registration, and Cancellation
Early registration is needed to secure your space. Please send a deposit of $300.00. Register before March 1st, 2003 and deduct $50.00 as an early registration bonus. Balance in full is payable on or before May 1st, 2003. In the event of cancellation prior to 4/15/99 your deposit and all payments will be refunded in full less a $100.00 cancellation fee and any prepaid non-refundable expenses. No refund two weeks prior to departure. All cancellation must be in writing. Airline refund based on airline policies. Insurance is available and is recommended.

To book this tour, please complete the form and send with your $300.00 deposit. Make checks payable to:

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