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Rosslyn Chapel, Knights Templar, Sacred Sites and the Orkney Islands
September 8-20/2004
Cheryl Yambrach Rose and Vanda Osmon

The Angel of Truth
Artwork on this page by
Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Cheryl and, Vanda invite you to join us for this unforgettable odyssey. This journey is a living book, where we experience miracles in the moment and co-create the highest experiences with divine energies. We will activate our highest potential through discovery, soul remembrance, meditations, group experiences, sharing, play, joy and sacred moments of contemplation.


You are about to embark upon a remarkable journey. The vision is about recovering the lost codes of the Templars, and Truth & Love Conquer All. Many of our learned concepts are illusions. The Quest is to understand the nature of truth within and without. The sword of truth cuts through the illusions that bind us to a limited reality and sets us free to fly to higher realms of wisdom.

Join us on a sacred pilgrimage as we re-examine ancient lost lore and know facts of the ancient Celtic wisdom school traditions, as well as explore the mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel including hidden treasures, the Templars and the Sinclair family. We will also visit profound megalithic sites older than the Great Pyramid of Egypt. We will touch into the rich folklore and fairy tales contained within ancient Scotland. We will also discuss the life of Prince Henry Sinclair, the young blond sea-going Scot who was born at Rosslyn Chapel, and his possible journey to America 90 years before Columbus.

To the Knights Templar a pilgrimage was called the Alchemist Pilgrimage or Pilgrimage of Initiation - An outward form of an inner mystical journey along the path of learning. The first nine Templars in Jerusalem spent ten years excavating under the Temple Mount and brought what they found to Rosslyn Chapel. There is evidence they found objects of esoteric traditions, sacred documents, maybe the Ark of the Covenant. It is time to re-examine our knowledge of the Templars and the gifts they have left us. Many feel that their spirit has returned now to fulfill their mission of truth, the restoration of Feminine principals and to reclaim through the opening of vaults, wisdom left as a legacy for humanity. No Truth, if understood and remembered, can ever be hidden again.

.." Rosslyn Chapel is an enigmatic arcane library of secrets, sculpted in stone and shrouded in mystery. It is a Chapel to mysticism and spirituality. Art without knowledge is nothing, and in this context the knowledge to which they refer is " gnosis, spiritual knowledge or mystical insight." Even the name Roslin translated into Gaelic hints at this 'Ancient knowledge handed down through the generations'. Rosslyn is a veritable three dimensional teaching board of Gnostic and medieval initiation. Rosslyn Chapel is a superbly carved reliquary for the Grail the allegorical description of the path to enlightenment, which was sacred to the Templars."
From: Rosslyn the Guardian of the secrets of the Holy Grail, Tim Wallace Murphy & Marilyn Hopkins.

The megalithic sites in Scotland are spectacular. It is remarkable that one thousand years before the earliest mathematician of classical Greece, people in the British Isles not only had a practical knowledge of geometry and were capable of setting out elaborate geometrical designs but also set out eclipses based on the Pythagorean triangles. We see megalithic sites oriented toward equinoxes as and solstices. They were placed near energy vortices that are conducive for the interconnection between terrestrial and cosmic influences, which offer gateways through which contact with spirits and higher awareness can be more easily achieved.


Cheryl Yambrach Rose, is an intuitive and visionary Artist. She has accompanied 28 sacred Journeys to reach into the continuum of the sacred site and paint what is held within its grid. Her paintings have graced the covers of magazines, books, CD's, posters and cards in the United States, Australia and Europe. She has shown at the Rockefeller Collection, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, as well as many other collections throughout the world. She lives and paints in Mt. Shasta, California and is known for creating amazing art. - " Art through the Eyes of the Soul" . Cheryl will be gifting everyone on the journey with a signed print. For more information on Cheryl, please call 530 926-6738, or see her Website:

Vanda Mary Osmon, created Joy Travel in 1983, after a profound spiritual experience in Egypt. She specializing in sacred journeys for the heart and soul and has created and escorted over 48 customized journeys worldwide. Vanda provides opportunities to see, feel and explore Earth mysteries and helps create the space for greater miracles to occur. Vanda is a global networker, researcher, co-founder of Quest for Atlantis on Bimini. She creates empowering living stories with a love of connecting people, places, past and present into a greater understanding.
JOY TRAVEL journeys for the heart and soul, offers sacred global journeys that are designed to enhance your personal transformation and to foster multidimensional experiences for your mind, body, and spirit. Please visit her WEBSITE:


Come join us for a life changing sacred journey as we examine the codes the Templars have left throughout Scotland to embody their truth and wisdom. The Templars were Empowered Knights - Spiritual Warriors who actualized their beliefs and honored the divine feminine Sophia and Mary Madelene. We will let inspiration and alchemy guide us as we experience magnificent places where otherworldly beings and nature meet in a dynamic communion. We will experience the energies of " As above so below" within the physical structures and standing stones within the landscape that were built by the ancient ones to capture the magic of celestial cycles that connect Earth and Sky. Our journey to Scotland will be a pilgrimage though time and space. We will experience the magic and mystery of own inner knowingness and feel the sacred landscape and myths come alive. Please join us we open our hearts and attune to the land using vision and intention to realize greater truth, love, illumination, spiritual purpose and greater empowerment.


Day 1 - Wed - 9/8 - DEPARTURE
Depart for London.

Day 2 - Thur - 9/9- LONDON/ ROSSLYN
Arrive in the late morning and take a connecting flight to Edinburgh. Transfer to Rosslyn Glen Hotel. Welcome dinner and orientation. (D)

Day - 3 -Fri - 9/10 - ROSSLYN CHAPEL
After breakfast we will visit one of the most famous Templar sites at Rosslyn Chapel, built in 1446 by William St. Clair, third and last St. Clair and Prince of Orkney. Rosslyn was inspired by master masons who built a legacy of ancient wisdom using sacred geometry within the heart of this Chapel. Their motto was Wine is strong, the King is stronger, women are strongest, but Truth conquers all" . The Chapel is filled with Egyptian, Celtic, Jewish, and botanical significance - aloe cactus, maize cobs and other plants indigenous to the New World. Special guide and Templar archivist Robert Brydon will share his extensive knowledge of the Knights Templar and share his special Rosslyn Museum. Afternoon time to explore the Glen below Rosslyn Castle. (B& D)

Day 4 - Sat - 9/11 - ROSSLYN- EDINBURGH
Today we will explore the area around Rosslyn. We will visit Temple Church and then and see Arthur Seat on the way to Edinburgh. We will have time to explore Edinburgh Castle. Dinner on our own and return to our hotel. Evening talks on Rosslyn Chapel and the Sinclair family knows as " hereditary Grand Masters of the Scottish Masonry" (B).

Day 5 - Sun - 9/12 - INVERNESS
Leave for Inverness visiting Clava Cairns that was aligned to the Winter Solstice. Visit Rosemarkie's fairy Glen and Pictish museum. Overnight Tulloch Castle. (B& D)

Day 6 - Mon 9/13 Orkney Island
After breakfast travel to Scrabster for the ferry to Stomness in Orkney. Time to shop, explore and absorb the unique Norwegian, Celtic flavor. Check-in to the Standing Stones Hotel (B& D)

The Orkney Islands are the home of Stone Age people of unknown origin, were colonized by Picts, later received early Christian missionaries, and then were under Norse influence from the 8th to the mid-15th century. The Orkneys are rich in prehistoric sites. We will explore the history of Prince Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, who in 1398 at twenty-four, sailed 13 vessels with the Zeno maps that were based on ancient maps the Templars obtained in the Middle East. Records show that he traveled to Canada and New England 90 years before Columbus. It is interesting that Columbus may have known of Prince Henry's voyage to America. Henry's daughter told her son, who told his in-laws who were the parents of Columbus wife.

Day 7 Tues 9/14 - Skara Brae
In the morning visit to the Stones of Stenness dating from 3,000BC that are called the Temple of the Moon. Nearby we will experience the mystery and power of the Ring of Brodgar, a Neolithic stone circle with standing stones over seven feet tall. The Ring of Brodgar was once known as the Temple of the Sun and still has 27 monoliths of the original sixty still standing. Afternoon visit is Skara Brae, Orkney's most extraordinary prehistoric site. This Neolithic village, buried for millennia in the sand until unearthed by a freak storm in 1850. Skara brae is completely preserved, including furniture and drainage system. (B& D)

Day 8 Wed 9/15 MAES HOWE
Morning visit to Maeshowe, an ancient chambered cairn that is aligned to Winter Solstice. The Druids called the solstice " Alban Arthuan - The Light of Arthur r" . The size and elaborate construction of this Great Cairn suggests that it was the burial place of an important, and probably ruling family group. Special ceremony here to connect with these ancient energies. Afternoon visit the ancient Norse town of Krikwall the capital of Orkney and see the Viking cathedral of St. Magnus. Time to explore, shop and walks to the beach. Kirkwall is known for it's Celtic jewelry, pottery and knitwear. (B)

Thur 9/16 Pitlochry
Morning departure on the ferry back to Scrabster and visit Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle on the way to our hotel. The Atholl Palace Hotel (B& D).

Day 10 Fri 9/17 Fontingall
After breakfast visit the oldest Yew tree in Scotland and St. Mary's Church. Sunset overlooking Loch Lomond. Overnight Buchanan Arms Hotel (B)

Day 11 Sat 9/18 Lock Lomond
Today visit Aberfoyle and the enchanted fairy hill, the site of the kidnapping of Robert Kirk by the fairy queen. Sunset at Loch Lomond. B& D

Day 12 Sun 9/19 Rosslyn Chapel
Today we will travel to back to Rosslyn Chapel visiting Cairnpapple hill. An important prehistoric site. Special gatherings and farewell dinner. B& D)

Day 13-Mon - 9/20 - Departure home
After breakfast to the airport for our flight home.


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Price includes deluxe hotels, based on double occupancy, most meals transportation, transfers, sight seeing, lectures, on-sites mediations, guides and entrances to sacred sites. Hotels as listed or similar. Not included in the tour price: Drinks with meals, passport, and items of a personal nature.

Artwork on this page by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

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