JOY TRAVEL presents

Mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel and Esoteric Prague

September  9-21, 2006

With Cheryl Rose & Vanda Osmon

Angel of Truth by Cheryl Rose

Cheryl and Vanda invite you to join us as kindred Spirits and alchemists on a pilgrimage of initiation. We will go deeper into the mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel, explore the Templars, secrets of Prague, and the connection with the Wisdom of Goddess Sophia.

To the Knights Templar, a pilgrimage was an outward form of an inner mystical journey. This path of initiation and learning was dedicated to Sophia. The first nine Templars spent ten years in Jerusalem excavating under the Temple mount. They brought what they had found to Rosslyn Chapel. There is evidence they found objects of esoteric traditions, sacred documents and possibly the Ark of the Covenant.

Sophia is revered as the Wise Bride of Solomon. She is the Supreme Spirit of wisdom devoted to the good of all people…She shines bright in the gloom of ignorance she is unfading She is easily seen by those who love Her easily found by those who look for Her, And quickly does she come to those who seek “In this world there are tribulations but be of good cheer, my wisdom has overcome this world.” From Sophia wisdoms

From Cheryl - We follow the Templars’ trail from Rosslyn to Prague because the Knights were given refuge here in 1230 by King Wenceslas I. They survived for centuries never being tortured or prosecuted, but were allowed to transfer to other orders such as the Knights of St. John and the Knights of Malta. Here they retained their wisdom and flourished, thus making Prague ‘The Esoteric Capital of Europe “

No Truth, if understood and remembered, can ever be hidden again.

.." Rosslyn Chapel is an enigmatic arcane library of secrets, sculpted in stone and shrouded in mystery. It is a Chapel to mysticism and spirituality. Art without knowledge is nothing, and in this context the knowledge to which they refer is " gnosis, spiritual knowledge or mystical insight." Even the name Roslin translated into Gaelic hints at this ‘Ancient knowledge handed down through the generations’. Rosslyn is a veritable three-dimensional teaching board of Gnostic and medieval initiation. Rosslyn Chapel is a superbly carved reliquary for the Grail, the allegorical description of the path to enlightenment, which was sacred to the Templars." From: Rosslyn the Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail, by Tim Wallace-Murphy & Marilyn Hopkins.


Cheryl Rose is an intuitive and visionary artist. She has accompanied 35 sacred Journeys to reach into the continuum of the sacred site and paint what is held within it’s grid. Her paintings have graced the covers of magazines, books, CD's, posters and cards in the US, Australia and Europe. She has shown at the Rockefeller Collection, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, as well as other collections throughout the world, and is co-founder of Daghda Vision s.r.o. She is known for creating amazing “Art through the Eyes of the Soul" . For more information on Cheryl, contact her at, or see her Website:

Vanda Mary Osmon created Joy Travel in 1983, after a profound spiritual experience in Egypt. She specializes in sacred journeys for the heart and soul and has created and escorted over 55 customized journeys worldwide. Vanda provides opportunities to see, feel, and explore Earth mysteries and helps create the space for greater miracles to occur. Vanda is a global networker, researcher, co-founder of Quest for Atlantis on Bimini. She creates empowering living stories with a love of connecting people, places, past and present into a greater understanding.

JOY TRAVEL-Journeys for the Heart and Soul offers sacred global journeys that are designed to enhance your personal transformation and to foster multidimensional experiences for your mind, body, and spirit. Please visit her WEBSITE:

Mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel, & Esoteric Prague

Our journey will be a pilgrimage though time and space. The catalyst for this journey will be some of the most beautiful and sacred places in Scotland and Prague. As we travel to these magnificent places you will experience the magic and mystery of your own inner wisdom and feel the sacred landscape and rich folklore and myths come alive. We will move with clear intent at each site activating our inner knowingness and honor ancient wisdom within ourselves and the places we experience.

From Cheryl, “I have been amazed as the veils of Prague lifted one by one in my year and a half living in and researching this city. I am really looking forward to sharing this new information with you. Keep in mind, many of these mysteries and images are things you have not seen before!! You won’t find them in any book because they have not been properly archived or published in English. You will see imagery suppressed and banned by the church long ago. The Artist Alphonse Mucha, the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Freemasons of Czechoslovakia, continued imparting this esoteric wisdom through the creation of Art Nouveau and it’s archetypes. He then imbued this ancient Templar legacy into the architectural design, money, medals, uniforms, stamps, and more to inspire us today. We will see a video on this amazing man.”

Come join us for a trip of a lifetime.


Day 1 - 9/9 Sat - DEPARTURE
Departure from US to England.

Day 2 - 9/10 Sun - ROSSLYN CHAPEL
Arrive and fly to Edinburgh. Bus to Rosslyn Chapel. Welcome Dinner. (B& D)

Day 3 - 9/11 Mon ROSSLYN CHAPEL
After breakfast we will visit Rosslyn Chapel the most famous Templar site with Templar archivist Robert Brydon. He will share his extensive expertise and show us this amazing repository of ancient wisdom created for a purpose and built to replicate the Temple of Jerusalem in 1336 by William St. Clair. This amazing Chapel is a puzzle in stone and is dedicated to the Truth that - God and Nature are One. The Templar motto was “Wine is strong, the King is stronger, Women are strongest, but “Truth Conquers All" . Afternoon, explore the glen and Castle nearby. Return to hotel for a special gathering and dinner. (B& D)

Day 4 - 9/12 Tues - ROSSLYN- EDINBURGH
Today with Bob Brydon we will explore the area around Rosslyn. Then visit the Templar site at Temple, and then see Arthur’s Seat on the way to Edinburgh. Bob will share some amazing new sites. We will have time to explore Edinburgh Castle on our own. Return to our hotel. (B)

Day 5 - 9/13 Wed - Pitlochry/ Fontingall
Depart for Central Highland of Scotland. We will check into our hotel and in the afternoon Barry Dunford, author of The Holy Land of Scotland will guide us round this unique area to see megalithic stone circles, Pictish symbol, sacred waters, ancient Celtic church sites and the famous Fortingall Yew believed to be the oldest tree in Europe all within a twenty mile radius. Special lecture on this area by Barry. (B& D)

Day 6 - 9/14 Thurs Pitlochry
Today we will continue to explore this rich area of ancient sites. We will visit and the amazing St. Mary's grail chapel, an extraordinary heraldic mural painted on its barrel roof ceiling which displays remarkable and unique hidden symbolism. Afternoon visit Croft Moraig Stone circle and old Templar retreat house. There will be many surprises along the way.

Day 7 - 9/15 Friday Rosslyn Chapel
Today we will return to Rosslyn Chapel with a special gathering. Farewell dinner. (B& D)

Day 8 – 9/16 Saturday Depart for PRAGUE
After breakfast fly to Prague. Arrival and check into our hotel. Welcome dinner. After dinner walk across the famous Charles Bridge to see the spectacular view of Prague castle at night.

Day 9 - 9/17 Sunday - Knights of Malta Square
Today will be a very special day. We will visit the Little Quarter and see Knights of Malta Square and our lady Under the Chain Church and it’s Templar Malta mysteries. The ancient site of the Threshold (“Praha”) of Prague - then the ‘Child of Prague “. We will have a talk about his miracles and see his museum. Walk across the Charles Bridge during daylight to see the Astronomical clock and Old Town Square. (B)

Day 10 - 9/18 Monday Black Madonna
Today we will visit the Black Madonna /Templova from 1230, the headquarters of the Templar Knights ‘Temple” which is placed over a powerful telluric energy site of crossed leylines. The beautiful Black Madonna of Prague looks directly across, guarding this important area. Then we will visit the Mucha Museum and shop. We will have a special gathering with Karen and Alex, creators of the Tarot of Prague deck. (B)

Day 11 - 9/19 Tues Prague
An amazing day as we visit St. Agnes Convent exhibit of ancient medieval madonnas (you won’t believe this!) National Museum exhibit of Moldavite and Celtic artifacts. (chance to buy least expensive moldavite jewelry) (B)

Day 12 - 9/20 Wed Prague Castle
Today we will explore Prague Castle, St. Vitrus Cathedral with stunning hilltop views of the city. Time to shop in the golden lane. Farewell dinner in the catacombs of Knights of Malta restaurant (where their alchemical oven is still intact). The hostess will share the history of the place and talk about ancient tunnels that opened up during the flood.

Day 13 9/21 Thur DEPARTURE
In the morning transfer to the airport for our flight home.


Mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel & Esoteric Prague

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Price includes deluxe hotels, based on double occupancy, most meals, transportation, transfers, sight seeing, lectures, on-site mediations, guides and entrances to sacred sites. Not included in the tour price: Drinks with meals, passport, and items of a personal nature.

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