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You are invited to join us for this unforgettable life time experience as we journey throughout France exploring the myths of Mary Magdalene, Knight Templars and the amazing Rennes-le-Chateau. We will come together and activate our highest potential through discovery, soul remembrance, meditations, group experiences, sharing, play, joy and sacred moments of contemplation. Come join us!

Mary Magdalene
By Cheryl Yambrach Rose

We will share the living stories of the Grail, Mary Magdalene, Black Madonna and the people and places of great mysteries that make this sacred journey so pertinent today. Encoded in the art, cathedrals, ley lines, pilgrimage routes and landscape are the clues to these mysteries left for us to discover and embody.

We will experience the sacred places and touch into the legends of the Knight Templars, Cathars, Black Madonna, Mary Magdalene and the creative Feminine Principle. We will journey to sacred sites and Gothic Cathedrals with its clear use of sacred geometry and mystical use of light that is fused with profound energies. We will visit shrines to the Black Virgin and ponder her ancient mysteries and spend quality time in Rennes Le Chateau as we explore La Val-Dieu - Valley of the Gods.


Join us on a sacred pilgrimage to experience the mysteries of the Knight Templars, Cathars, Mary Magdalene, Gothic Cathedrals and Rennes-le-Chateau. Our journey will be a pilgrimage though time and space. We will move with clear intent though each site activating our inner knowingness. Please join us we open our hearts and attune to the land using vision, and intention to realize greater union and purpose.

ITINERARY 2003, 2004 

Dates would change and if you would like a custom program itinerary would change to fit your requirements.

Day 1 - Sat - 9/21 - DEPARTURE
Depart for France.

Day 2 -Sun - 9/22- PARIS/TOULOUSE
Arrive in Paris and be greeted by Vanda at the airport. Fly to Toulouse to the Languedoc area. Upon arrival travel to Limoux and visit a powerful black Madonna. Check into our hotel and have a welcome dinner, orientation and overview of the Templars, Cathars and the mysteries of Rennes-Le-Chateau. (B& D)

Day 3 - Mon. - 9/23- Carcassone
Today we will visit the medieval city at Carcassone. Visit with Templars experts and explore Templars sites along the way. Return to our hotel for a special evening gathering.

Day -4 - Tues - 9/24 - Rennes le Chateau
Today we will visit Rennes-le-Chateau, a small hill top village in the Eastern Pyrenees. Rennes-le-Chateau the center of the mysteries of Holy Blood and Holy Grail, linked with the Knight Templars, Cathars and Merovingian Kings. The secrets of Mary Magdalene are encoded in the St. Magdalene Church and the surrounding landscape. Lunch in the village on our own with time to enjoy this sacred place. Return to our hotel. (B& D)

Day 5 - Wed - 9/25 - Montsegur
We will visit the healing waters of Alet le Bain and then off to Montsegur. Here we will have a special ceremony at Montsegur, the ancient citadel and strong hold of the last Cathars. Here we will add our prayers and blessings for the land and pay homage to the Cathars, the Essence Christian group called the Friends of God, who had the dove as their symbol. (B& D)

Day 6 - Thur -9/26 -Toulouse
Today we leave for Rocamadour stopping at Notre-Dame de Dalbade in Toulouse. This was considered one of the pilgrimage sites on the road to Santiago of Compostela. This church is built on the site of the Mercury oracle. At Toulouse one is open to receive the messenger of the mystery cults and would be introduced to the mysteries of the second degree known as the Oculist, symbolized by the Peacock.* We will awaken our latent potentials and add our names to the ancient energy that flows here. Afternoon leave for Rocamadour. Arrive and transfer to our hotel. (B)

Day 7 - Fri - 9/27 - Rocamadour
This will be an exciting day as we explore the narrow stone streets of this medieval city. Rocamadour was the center of pilgrimage the home of the 800 year old Black Madonna statue with child, similar to Isis and Horus. There is a book of miracles written by the pilgrims, attributed to this Black Madonna. We will add our names to the ancient energy that flows here. (B)

Day 8 - Sat - 9/28- Toulouse/Paris
After breakfast return to Toulouse and check-in for our flight back to Paris. Arrive and transfer to our hotel in Chartres. (B)

Day 9 -Sun- 9/29 - Chartres
After breakfast we will visit one of the most famous Gothic cathedrals, dedicated to the Virgin. Chartres also known as the " Golden Book" is a spiritual experience, built by master masons on the site of a Roman Temple over a Druid Temple where the Black Madonna was venerated from pre-Christian times. Beneath the cathedral is a crypt, originally a sacred initiation grotto and healing well of the Druids. Chartres, is located on a ley line linking Glastonbury, Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt. The spiritual masons built a legacy of wisdom into the heart of this cathedral with the use of magic numbers, and sacred geometry. Chartres is also the one of the pilgrimage sites - the Sun oracle that introduces the mysteries of the fourth degree of the Lion. The Swan was the sacred symbol and was associated with the awakening of the heart, called the Abode of Mercy. It is here that love and compassion were taught.* We will ask the Black Madonna for guidance and activation of our divine potential. (B)

Day 10 - Mon - 9/30 - Notre Dame de Paris
After breakfast leave for Paris. check-into our hotel near Notre Dame Cathedral. Visit the cathedral, which is considered to be an alchemical cathedral. It offers many opportunities to reunite the human spirit with the divine. This is also a site on the sacred pilgrimage route and the site of the Druidic oracle of Mars, symbolized by the Pelican. It is related to the fifth center and is dedicated to the throat chakra and is connected with hearing, speech and the power of sound*. We will have a special ceremony here as we attune to this powerful site. Afternoon time to visit Paris, museum Eiffel tower. (B)

Day 11 - Tues - 10/1 - Paris
Free day to visit the museum, shop and explore this wonderful city. Optional train to Notre Dame Amiens another famous site on the sacred pilgrimage route that is dedicated to Jupiter and the Eagle. It is also dedicated to St. James. (B)

Day 12 - Wed - 10/2 - Paris/Home
After breakfast transfer to airport for return flight home

*  " Rosslyn" ,Tim Wallace-Murphy- The Path to Enlightenment

B= Breakfast

Price includes deluxe hotels, based on double occupancy, four dinners and all breakfasts, deluxe coaches, transfers, sight seeing, some meals, lectures, on-sites meditations, guides and entrances to sacred sites. Not included in the tour price: Drinks with meals, passport, visa fees, airport departure taxes if any, items of personal nature.

Vanda Mary Osmon, created Joy Travel in 1983, specializing in sacred journeys for the heart and soul. She has created and escorted over 44 customized journeys worldwide. Vanda provides opportunities to see, feel and explore Earth mysteries and helps create the space for greater miracles to occur. Vanda is a global networker, researcher, co-founder in 1989 of Quest for Atlantis on Bimini and on going Bimini research. She is a lecturer on sacred sites, earth ley lines and ancient mysteries. She creates living stories with a love of connecting people, places, past and present into a greater understanding. Vanda will be sharing the history of the Cathars, Knight Templars and the sacred landscape and ley lines of Southern France.

JOY TRAVEL offers the very best global experiences to explore mysterious and sacred places of the world. Each journey is designed to enhance your personal transformation and is created to foster multidimensional experiences for the mind, body, and spirit.

Artwork from Cheryl Yambrach Rose. Artwork on this brochure is from Cheryl Yambrach Rose. Cheryl is an intuitive and visionary Artist. She reaches into the continuum of the sacred sires and paint what is held within its gird. grid. She is known for creating amazing art.- " Art through the Eyes of the Soul" . For more information on Cheryl please see her Website:



FOR CUSTOM PROGRAM PRICE WOULD BE NET COSTS. I have new excellent prices for the South of France Rennes-le-Chatreau area.

LAND COST: $2,600.00 approximately for program above
(Includes all items on the itinerary, based on double occupancy)

Domestic Air approximately 200.00

International air, call for the best quote. Domestic air will be less with International air with Air France.

Single Room Supplement: $ 400.00
Credit cards available with small 3% processing fee

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