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May 3 -14, 2012

You are invited on a profound sacred journey to Guatemala and Honduras with Mayan Elders to experience for yourselves the wisdom of the Mayas. This journey will be a living book of miracles that will change your life forever.

In 2003 I was guided to do a journey to Guatemala and Honduras with Tata Alejandro and Grandmother Elizabeth for Harmonic Concordance. Now for 2012 I have been again guided to return and to work with the amazing 2012 energies that are available.

This journey is a great opportunity for you to experience authentic wisdom and understand the shift that is taking place. You will have the opportunity to sit down with the Mayan Wisdom Keepers and ask questions about the Mayan cosmology.

Throughout our journey we will listen to the voices of nature and attune to the essence of the land and all the natural forces including the Stars the Full Moon as well as astronomical and cosmological alignments. We will participate in powerful ceremonies and will invoke the highest for humanity.

The vision of this journey is to better understand Mayan prophecies.
What are the prophecies and what do they mean today

The 2012 energies are about a profound Galactic Alignment that occurs once in 26,000 years. The Galactic Center is the means through which the energies of the Divine Source manifest into our galaxy. This is the time of DESTINY as new divine energies and frequencies are available to us as our Sun comes into alignment with the Center of our Galaxy. What is happening is not only an external change but a deeply spiritual change within us on a cellular level. “As without So within - As within So without.”

The Maya began recording time for this cycle on the Long Count Calendar around August 11, 3114 B.C., and the last recorded date is December 21, 2012 the beginning of a New Dawn for humanity. Many indigenous Elders have predicted we are on the verge of the Great Awakening - A Golden Age of Enlightenment and Peace.

2012 is not a prophecy of "The End" but the beginning of a NEW DREAM. The time of the 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau is the time of the return of our Ancestors and the Men and Women of Wisdom. Who are the Ancestors? Come and find out.

For this is the great human transition that was predicted by our ancestors. The prophecy goes ¨Arise, Everyone Arises, No one will be left behind the rest, together we will see the place from where we have come from." It said "TOGETHER", not just the Mayans.

The living traditions of the Mayans are alive especially in the sacred highland of Guatemala and Honduras. The ancient ones anchored light and divine knowledge from universal sources in all of their monuments. The Ancients Ones knew that a time would come and souls would feel an urge to search for something as they remembered more of who they really were. They knew they would journey far and wide to discover the truth that was left for them. 2012 is here and this is the time and these are the places. Join us for a trip of a life time and experience and explore amazing Temples and Pyramids where each one tells a story of creation.

Grandmother Elizabeth
is an amazing elder who works with Mayan traditional healing ceremonies and the Sacred Fire. She will be with us throughout this journey guiding us and creating amazing Mayan gatherings as well as sharing Mayan prophecies, Star knowledge, Healing, and what 2012 means to the Mayans. Along with Grandmother Elizabeth there will be other Mayan Wisdom Elders who will share their wisdom with us. There will also be time for optional Mayan reading. Most likely we will have the opportunity to meet my friend Grandfather Wakatel Utiw Wandering Wolf, Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj, a 13-generation Maya Quiche Medicine man and head of the Mayan National Council of Elders of Guatemala. See the story of creation and: True Mayan Elder's Prediction of 2012.

Vanda Osmon created Joy Travel in 1983, after a profound spiritual experience in Egypt. Her work is a service of love to aid in the global remembrance and awakening that is occurring in our lifetime. She specializes in sacred journeys for the heart and soul and has created over 82 customized global sacred journeys. Vanda provides opportunities to see, feel and explore Earth Mysteries. She creates space for greater miracles to occur and "empowering living stories" with a love of connecting people, places, past and present into a greater understanding. Vanda is also a global researcher, spiritual historian, practical alchemist and co-founder of Quest for Atlantis on Bimini where they have just made a major discovery. Vanda will also share her expertise on spiritual activation and soul empowerment. JOY TRAVEL - Journeys for the heart and soul, offers amazing experiences to explore the sacred places of the world. Each journey is designed to enhance your personal transformation and is created to foster multidimensional experiences for the mind, body, and spirit.

This is truly an alchemical moment in time as the doors to our full potential are open. This is the time of remembrance as we create a new Spiritual Renaissance. We are holographic multidimensional beings that are spreading our wings and learning more about our divine potential each day.  The Divine speaks to us in insights and moments of profound knowingness where we feel on a cellular level the oneness with all life.  Through the power of love and alchemical adjustments we become catalysts for change in our world and are able to manifest and create what we want in our lives and the world around us. It is a time to awake from our slumber and remember our mastery and who we are, and why we are here. Much Joy Vanda

ITINEARY- MAY 3-14, 2012
We looked at the 2012 Mayan Day Calendar for planning the dates for this journey. As you can see for each day there is a divine theme available for us during this journey.

Day 1 May 3rd, 2012 Thursday - GATHERING DAY
We start on 6 Qanil in the Mayan Calendar The day of the "Seed" and "Planting" Fly to Guatemala City. Transfer to our hotel Tikal Futura near the airport. Welcome dinner and gathering to set our intentions and plant new seeds of hope and peace. (D)

Day 2 – May 4th, 2012 Friday – TIKAL
Today is 7 Toj: Day of offering, giving thanks and paying back through rituals.
Early flight to Tikal and arrive and visit a lake near Flores to honor the land and each other in our first circle of love and light. Lunch on your own and then check into our hotel close to the Tikal archeological park, overnight at the Jaguar Inn or similar. (B)

Day 3 – May 5th, 2012 Saturday – TIKAL - WESAK FESTIVAL - FULL MOON
Today is 8 Tzi: Divine Justice.
How perfect to connect with the ancestors and the Star beings at this magical place. Tikal is considered one of the most energetic and powerful sacred site in the world. There is so much to discovery at the amazing site and we will have a guided walk to 5 major temples. In the afternoon we will come together and create a gathering to bring forth the meaning, understanding and return of Divine Justice for humanity. Return to our hotel. Tonight we will link with global Wesak Festivals and then have questions and answers as we talk about the Mayan Calendars. (B) Overnight in Tikal at the Jaguar Inn or similar. (B&L)

Day 4 – May 6th, 2012 Sunday – TIKAL/GUATGEMAL CITY – FULL MOON
Today is 9 Batz: An important day for the Mayans, it is a day to honor Women.
On this special day we will create a rebirthing ceremony at a cave nearby to honor women as we send our energies for Peace and Healing to the world. Lunch on our own in town. We will then travel to the airport for our flight back in the late afternoon. Arrive Guatemala City and check into the Tikal Futura hotel. Dinner on our own. (B)

Day 5 – May 7th, 2012 Monday – COPAN
Today is 10:  Day of our Destines and Travel.
What a perfect day to travel to Copan. We will depart in the morning driving through amazing fields and valleys. We will stop alone the way for lunch and then arrive and check into our hotel. Gathering where we will come together and invoke greater clarity on our true destiny and our part we play in the unfoldment of the new Dawn. Overnight at Hotel Marina Copan Ruinas Hotel. (B)

Day 6 – May 8th 2012 Tuesday – COPAN
Today is 11 AJ: The Staff symbol of Authority
After breakfast visit the mystical and artistically advanced Mayan Temples of Copan. Copan was an ancient place of international and galactic gatherings for peace. We will explore the Grand Plaza, Ball Court, and the Hieroglyphic Stairway with the history of their star origin. Optional to visit an underground pyramid. After lunch visit the Park’s museum. Dinner on our own and evening talks about the Mayan Calendar.

Day 7 – May 9th 2012 Wednesday – COPAN & ANTIGUA
Today is 12 Ix: Day for Mother Earth.
Depart in the morning for Antigua the old capital of Guatemala stopping along the way. Antigua is nestled between three picturesque volcanoes and with its colonial architecture, cobblestone streets and quaint shops it is a delightful city to explore. Overnight Posada Don Rodrigo or similar. (B)

Day 8 – May 10th 2012 Thursday – ANTIGUA
13 Tziking: The bird, the material resources
. We will have the time to explore shop and feel the energies of this beautiful colonial town. Time for Mayan Egg Readings by Mela and other Mayan reading. Overnight Posada Don Rodrigo or similar. (B)

Day 9 May 11th 2012 Friday – ANTIGUA TO LAKE ATITLAN
Today is 1 Ajmac: Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Understanding and Ancestral knowledge.
Today we will drive to one of the most beautiful sacred lakes in the world - Lake Atitlan. Check into our hotel by the lake. We will honor this sacred lake and ask the ancestors for greater understanding as we release the past and embrace our creative future. Dinner and gathering to discuss ancestral wisdom. Hotel 2Mundos. (B &D)

Day 10 May 12th 2012 Saturday - LAKE ATITLAN
Today is 2 Noj: Knowledge and Wisdom.
An amazing day to feel and understand the Mayan way of life. This morning transfer to the pier on Lake Atitlan for a boat ride to San Juan la Laguna, a village across the Lake. We visit elders from the Continental National Council of Elders and visit the cooperative where women weave their clothing and use colors they make from natural products. They will prepare lunch for us with the elders giving us a blessing. Return with time to shop at the colorful markets. Dinner on your own. Hotel 2Mundos by the lake. (B&L)

Day 11 – May 13th 2012 Sunday – IXIMCHE AND GUATEMALA CITY
Today is 3 Tijax: Liberation. The obsidian stone. Removes obstacles, opens the road.
In the morning depart for Guatemala City visiting Iximche the place connected to the Pleiades. The energies of Tijax will help to clear any obstacles as we prepare for the journey back home. We will work with releasing and accepting new opportunities into our lives. Check into our hotel the Tikal Futura or similar. Farewell dinner and gathering with gifting for our guides and friends. (B&D)

Day 12 May 14th 2012 – Monday - MORNING GATHERING AND DEPARTURES
Toda is 4 Kawuq: the family. The community, the spiritual family.
Morning farewell gathering. We will each light a candle symbolic of our return home as we share the light and wisdom we have experienced to the world. Departures (B)

Tomorrow when you are at home it will be May 15th 2012 5 Ajpu.


Each day we will work with the Mayan calendar and create amazing experiences. Join us as we walk in the footsteps of the Ancient Ones and experience living light-filled Temples that resonate with profound energies. If it is your heart’s desire to join us I will do all I can to make this dream come true. The Doorways are open! COME JOIN US.


Optional Mayan Readings: T'zite or Oracle reading; Mayan Astrology, to find your life purpose; healings, by Rufino, and/or egg readings, by Mela, they will be available throughout the journey. Private Sessions are available for donations of $40 for egg readings and $50 for all others. If you would like an Astrology reading with Elizabeth we will request your birth information when registering.

Please register early as the group size is based on a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 clients offering you a unique opportunity to travel to pristine sacred places and have quality time with profound Mayan elders.

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Guatemala is the third largest nation in Central America. Guatemala City is the capital and largest city. It is a land of mountains, rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls, beautiful lakes, and lush vegetation. Unlike many Latin American countries, Guatemala still has a large indigenous population, the Mayans, who have retained a distinct identity. Deeply rooted in the rural highlands of Guatemala, many
indigenous people speak a Mayan language, follow traditional religious and village customs, and continue a rich tradition in textiles and other crafts.

Tikal means Place of Spirits and it the largest ceremonial center of the Mayan empire. It has over 4,000 pyramids, temples and shrines spread over six square miles deep in the jungle. In the center is the Great Plaza, is Temple I and Temple II that majestically rise above the forest. Temple I is over 229 fee and commonly known as the Temple of the Great Jaguar. It is the tallest monument in the Mayan empire. These temples and upper roof were originally adorned with painted reliefs.  Maya nobility and priests used the temples for ceremonies with the populace watching from the Great Plaza below. Tikal National Park is protected and the 550 kilometer area serves as refuge for thousands of animals and plant species such as the Jaguar and the Celba (the national tree).

Copán Ruinas is a tranquil oasis of ancient culture and sublime nature nestled in the foothills of western Honduras, just 7 miles from the Guatemala border. It is referred to as the most artistically advanced and elaborate of all the Maya cities with it elaborate carved Steles. Some of the Steles appear to have oriental features and the grand Heiroglyphic stairway talks of the ancestors coming from the stars. Copan is also a World Heritage Site and is considered by archeologists to be the cultural center and the Paris, of the Maya world. The Temple of the Sun" and its discovery have helped archaeologists understand how Copan actually looked in its days of glory. There is an amazing underground temple worth exploring. A replica of this temple is at the new museum.

Lake Atitlan is known as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. A natural wonder of crystal blue water surrounded by volcanoes, beautiful valleys and colorful markets. It is one of the deepest lakes in all of Central America. Several Mayan archaeological sites have been found beneath the lake and appear to be from the pre-classic period. Lake Atitlan takes its name from the Mayan word, "atitlan", which translates to, "the place where the rainbow gets its colors".The Mayan culture is very strong and active here, with vibrant handcrafted textiles, crafts and artwork. Like many other indigenous cultures they believe in the Mayan concept that humans have their place and duty in the greater scheme of things and, in order to ensure that the sun is going to cross the sky and the seasons are going to change, it is necessary that the humans do their part.

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