Joy Travel Presents: 
Awakening the New Golden Age
10-days, April 23- May 3, 2013
With Jonette Crowley – “Spiritual Indiana Jones” 
and the Center for Creative Consciousness

Optional Soul Body Fusion® Teacher Certification Training, May 2 – 8

Awakening the New Golden Age of Greece and Crete is a special pilgrimage through time and space. It is part of a larger journey of discovery and awakening that will include trips to Turkey in autumn 2013, and Israel in early 2014.

We will work with Jonette and her guides, your own inner power, and the Earth’s Grid Keepers to assist in unlocking energies that have been blocked for thousands of years. This same blockage nearly caused the ruin of Earth during the destruction of Atlantis, and yet the block still exists. The knotted energy meridians and timelines that can be accessed through Crete’s dimensional portals can finally be untied, releasing a blast of power to be used for peace and good throughout the world, but especially to assist the explosive

area of the Middle East. Humanity has finally reached a level of consciousness where this transformation can be called forth. It is as if we will find secrets of power and codes of light in the mythical labyrinth of the Minotaur.

As you travel to these magnificent places you will experience the sacred landscape and living legends come alive. You will be reliving the ancient Greek wisdom of a Golden age, where the Earth was a garden of prosperity and good will and where the Gods walked upon the land.


Explore Athens, embodying the wisdom of Athena; experience Delphi to find your own oracle power, Meditate at dusk at Cape Sounion, embracing the golden energies of the sun. Explore mystical Crete, older than recorded time, offering hidden wisdom coming forth from ancient caves and the Labyrinth of the Minotaur. This island is a beautiful, enigmatic jewel, glistening in the Mediterranean ... a magical place for a spiritual quest.

“I am what has been, what is and what shall be again.” Ancient Prophecy

Greece with her ancient knowledge, amazing architecture and the mystery school teachings is where you are inspired by the motto “Know Thyself.” It is a timeless place of pilgrimage, of ancient gods and goddesses, where the Mother spoke to those who could listen. Will you be part of this journey?

Jonette will share from her guides new information of the vast potentials that are available now. You will go deep into the past, to commune with the Earth and the higher dimensions. New research shows that ancient mariners traveled to Crete over 170,000 year ago. The Mayans believe they were descendants from wise masters from the Pleiades who came to Mesoamerica, Egypt, Greece and India thousands of years ago and taught the people their star wisdom. Our goal is to remember the star technology of our ancestors, bringing it forth for today and the future. Come join us!

Price Reduction:
Price: (Double occupancy) $3355

Early Bird (pay in full by January 31, 2013) $3135

Single Occupancy Supplement $ 490

Deposit due with Registration $500
2nd Payment of $1550 (plus Single Room Supplement of $490 if selected) is due by February 7th. Final Payment of $1305 is due by March 7th.
Includes: 9 nights hotel (4 & 5 Star), air from Athens to Crete, most meals, land transportation, tours, mini workshops, channelings, ceremonies, audio downloads. Does not include international air and air returning from Crete.

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Due to our spiritual work, which is interlaced throughout our journey, we always need to be spontaneous in our agenda.



Greece Mainland
April 22, Monday - DEPARTURE
(from non-European locations)
Oversea clients depart from gateway cities for Athens, Greece

Day 1 April 23 Tuesday – GATHERING DAY ATHENS
Arrive and transfer to our hotel. Our hotel has a rooftop overlooking the Acropolis. We will feel part of the Golden Age of the Gods. Dinner included, no group events as many arrive late.(D = Dinner)

Day 2 April 24th Wednesday - EXPLORE ATHENS, VISIT CAPE SOUNION- Breakfast 7:00 AM, depart 9:00AM
Explore ancient Athens. Visit the Acropolis dedicated to Athena, Goddess of wisdom. See the Parthenon and the famous Athens museum. Legends say Athens was the only State to defeat the armies of Atlantis around 9,500 years ago. Return to hotel for lunch. Late afternoon visit the Temple of Poseidon, at Cape Sounion. Overlooking the Aegean Sea we will have a special gathering bathed in the light of the sun. Return to hotel for welcome dinner and gathering on the rooftop. (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)

Day 3 April 25 Thursday – DELPHI FULL MOON
After breakfast depart for the supreme oracle site of the ancient Mediterranean world: The Temple of Delphi. The Sanctuary of Apollo is situated on the slopes of
Mount Parnassus. Delphi was the ‘Omphalos’ the navel or the spiritual center of the ancient world. It was honored as a powerful place where heaven and earth came together and the mysteries where revealed. Delphi is a place of vision that reflects a vast system of cosmic and Earth energies, impacting the evolution of human consciousness. Delphi is also on the Apollo/St Michael axis line that runs 2,500 miles through Ireland on the way to Mount Carmel in Israel. We will first visit the sacred waters of the Castalia Springs. It is said to have been created when the winged horse Pegasus struck the ground with his hoof. Frequented visited by the Muses and Apollo it is known as the Well of Poetic Inspiration.

Check into our hotel and have lunch.

Pinned ImageApollo the gifted Hyperborean is mounted on a gryphon, holding in one hand the lyre, and in the other a palm frond, travels from the Hyperboreans toward the southern lands of Delphi where he established his Temple. Here his oracle had to tell the people the truth. The first oracle was known as Sibyl, meaning prophetess. She would sing her predictions that she received from Gaia;

We will follow those who have walked before us seeking the oracle wisdom, visiting the ancient theater, the stadium, the oracle site and the museum. We are requesting private time at the Tholos temple site under the full moon. Gathering and channeling with Jonette. (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)

Day 4 April 26 Friday - DELPHI TO ATHENS & FREE TIME in ATHENS
After breakfast check out of our hotel and return to Athens via the Parnassos Mountains and the famed, Corcyrean. Cave, called Saravtavil dedicated to God Pan. Arrive in Athens check into hotel and lunch. Afternoon free time to shop for treasures and enjoy the Plaka the oldest section of Athens. Dinner at the hotel at 6:30 PM or enjoy dinner out on your own. (B = Breakfast=Lunch, D = Dinner) We have an optional Soul Body Fusion Introduction class 8:00 -10:00 PM (45 people Maximum)

“The journey with Jonette to Romania brought me to places with very high energy. I saw and felt unbelievable things that changed a lot in my body and my life. My cells got new DNA and I got a cosmic connection and a connection to wisdom. The problems in my daily life are not important anymore and I am just happy. Thank you for that very special experience.” Margit


“Crete’s sense of mystery is extremely deep. Whomever sets foot on this island senses a mysterious force branching warmly and beneficently through his veins and his soul begins to grow.”
Nikos Kazantzakis, Report to Greco

Day 5 April 27 Saturday – FLY to CRETE & MINI-WORKSHOP
Early flight to Crete (flight is included), home of the peaceful and artistic Minoan civilization. Check into our hotel by the sea. Afternoon mini-workshop with Jonette on the vision and purpose of our pilgrimage in Crete. Free time to enjoy the beach and lovely hotel. Dinner on your own. (Breakfast Lunch)

Morning departure for The Peace Chapel of Irene, known for many miracles. Then we will visit the Palace of Knossos the most magnificent Minoan site. The Palace is reputed to have over 1,500 rooms, under which lies the labyrinth where the legendary Minotaur resided. We believe this is the place where we will work with Jonette’s guide Mark to reverse a time portal that has allowed the “pollution” of our times with other unwelcome time travelers. Visit the archeology museum of Heraklion. Lunch at a nearby restaurant included.

The Minoans believed that Mount Juktas was the site where the Greek god Zeus had died and it is of one of their most important peak sanctuaries sites in Greece. We will visit this ancient ceremonial place of the Minoan people, overlooking a panoramic valley below. We will create our own ceremony of peace .Return to the hotel for dinner. (B, L, D) File:Myrtos2.JPG

Breakfast then travel to the Minoan Palace of Phaistos. Many attempts have been made to decipher the codes inscribed on it, written in a spiral on both sides in hieroglyphics. We will also visit the possible other site of the labyrinth with complex tunnels at Gortnya Messaras. Lunch included and then after lunch we will stop at a wonderful beach with ancient Neolithic caves. Return to our hotel for Dinner. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 8 April 30th Tuesday - CRETE - SACRED CAVE OF INITIATION
Morning session with Jonette to prepare us for today’s Initiation. Lunch on our own. Visit Zominthos a 3,500 year old Minoan site. Journey to the Goddess cave Eileithaya. We will visit Mount Ida and the Ideon Andron sacred cave where Zeus was born. This is also the ‘Cave of the Philosophers’ where Plato, Pythagoras and the Seer Epimenides were initiated. In ancient times secret initiations and purifications took place here. Even Minos, the legendary king of Crete, came here ever nine years to receive the renewed laws from his father Zeus. Return to the hotel for Dinner.
(B, L, D)

Day 9 May 1

Morning workshop session with Jonette and her guides. Free afternoon to explore or relax on the beach. Farewell Dinner and evening celebration. (B, D)


Tour officially ends in Crete. There will be 4 choices. The flight to Athens is not included.
1. Depart to European destinations directly from Crete.
2. Depart noon for Athens to catch flight home today. We can help with your flight to Athens if you wish. If we have at least 10 people needing this option we can get a very attractive group rate.
3. Depart noon for an overnight in Athens to catch an international flight on May 3rd.We can help with your flight to Athens and overnight stay at an airport hotel. Prices will depend on having a group of at least 10 people.
4. Move to another hotel on Crete for the Soul Body Fusion Teachers Course


Guests will depart from the airport and checkin in for their flights home.


CRETE 6 Nights May 2- 8Pool Area & Hotel Facade

Day 1, May 2 Thursday ARRIVAL & WELCOME DINNER (Repeat of Day 10 of Crete Tour)
Those from the Crete tour will transfer to our new hotel. Participants flying into Crete just for the Teacher’s Training should arrive by 5:30pm (Or arrive a day earlier and relax.). For those traveling from USA you will need to leave a day earlier.
Welcome Dinner. (D = Dinner)

Days 2 - 6: Friday, May 3 - Tuesday, May 7, 5-DAY SBF TEACHERS CERTIFICATION TRAINING
Gorgeous Sandy BeachWe are spreading the Teacher Training over 5 days so we have plenty of time to enjoy the culture and add some extra meditations into the mix. Sunday, May 5th is Eastern Orthodox Easter. This is a very special day for the locals often with parades and candle lighting ceremonies. We hope to share in some of the celebrations.

Sessions will be starting at around 9:30am each day. Lunch from 2:00pm to 4pm. Afternoon session begins at 4:00pm. Breakfast, and either Lunch or Dinner included each day. On the last night we will have a Graduation Dinner.


Day 7, May 8, Wednesday, DEPART FROM CRETE- There are 3 options for departure.
1. Some European participants will leave from Crete directly for home. Many airlines now have flights directly to Crete.
2. Depart noon for Athens to catch a flight home today.

3. Depart noon for an overnight in Athens to catch an international flight tomorrow. We can help with your flight to Athens and overnight stay at an airport hotel. Prices will depend on having a group of at least 10 people.
4. Hotel package includes airport transfers in Crete.


May 9th, Thursday DEPARTURE ATHENS – (only for those flying from Athens)

Guests will depart from the airport hotel and check in for their flights home.


TO REGISTER - Please contact or call 303-689-9318 with any questions or for assistance in registering.
Center for Creative Consciousness
5380 S. Monaco St.
Greenwood Village, CO 80111  

Or contact Vanda Osmon Joy Travel 1 800 569-5010

Price: Soul Body Fusion Teacher Course with tour – $1250

Deposit due with Registration $500

Final Payment due March 29th $750

Hotel: Half board 6 nights 619€

Single Room Supplement 440€

Room deposit due with Registration 300(+/- $395)

Final Room Payment due March 7th 319(+/- $415) +single rm supplement


Soul Body Fusion Teachers Course only (No tour)

Course fee $1500

Deposit due with Registration $500

Final Payment due March 29th $1000

Hotel: Half Board, 6 nights 795€

Single Room Supplement 480€

Room deposit due with Registration 300(+/- $395)

Final Room Payment due March 7th 495(+/- $640) +single rm supplement



Please contact or call 303-689-9318 with any questions or for assistance in registering.

Center for Creative Consciousness- 5380 S. Monaco St. Greenwood Village, CO 80111


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