This is Isis Invitation… A calling to all of us…This is the moment… to truly step into your divine Goddess and God essence… and radiate it boldly to manifest the divine new era in you and in all humanity…

"12-12-12 – The beginning of the Divine New Era for Humanity starts in Egypt"



December 1-13, 2012

With Kata Szenasi and Erno Van Doesselaar


Throughout this journey ISIS and New Divine Creative Energies will surround you. Divine angelic love will be holding your hand and guide you to receive the
gifts of spirit that will be available at the Temples Along the Nile. These
sacred temples are symbolizing the sacred space for initiation
along the Nile, just as the spine and all our energy centers
are all together creating a Temple for our Soul.
A temple, meaning your sacred body that
is your most sacred vessel and tool in
this earthy experience for your
Soul to express itself.

We begin our journey trough time and space by flying to Aswan and then to Abu Simbel where Ramses II and his beloved wife Neferiti will welcome you home. Like loving parents, they will help you surrender to the new emerging self. The Gods and Goddesses will support us as we reconnect with our own inner sacred God and Goddess essences.

Kata and Erno will be leading you with the unique channels of Isis, the Collective and Kuthumi lal Singh. There will be gentle flowing yoga sessions, conscious breathing sessions and inspiring sharing and discussions at the Temples and on the Giza Plataea to connect on deep levels with the amazing wisdoms and treasures from the past.

The Temples, Statues, Pyramids and the Sphinx are infused with divine powers, they are energetically active. The ancient ones infused their creations with the energetic frequencies that represented the essence of what they were creating. The Sacred temples are libraries in stone and one of their functions was to serve as a portal where the boundaries of the two worlds - human and divine could meet.

Throughout your journey you will have the opportunity to attune to the highest and allow sweet nurturing essences to assist you in healing the past, in letting go of old patterns, and discovering your own messages as you receive your soul’s visions that are ready to be manifested.

The main invitation of our journey: Full Embodiment of your Divinity/Grandness.
No more separation between the divine and the human.

"I'm yesterday, and I know today" Papyrus of Ani - Egyptian Book of the Dead Sirius, Isis, Queen of the Night, Rising in our hearts, our guiding light, the Dawn of our new birth is upon us.... The Garden of this Earth we shall once again make manifest and the mission we began, so very long ago, shall be complete."

Kata’s Vision:

One day in 2011, as I was having some precious moment with ISIS, I could feel suddenly her invitation to travel to Egypt…and could clearly feel she wants to go there in 2012. Wow, in such a powerful year? I asked her many times, to be sure…and every time she shared with me...this is the Year when the great shift is happening…when the Goddess and God essence that some sacred temples and places are holding for the future generations and the remembrance need to receive the New Energy…the New Love of this New Era…that is starting to grow and spread in 2012…to create a bridge into the NEW...that will be truly unfolding from the year 2013..after 2012.12.12.

She asked us, to go there with a group of beautiful people to bring there our New Love…to nurture our Gods and Goddesses that we all carry in our cellular memory… By embracing our Gods and Goddesses from the past with this New Divine Love that we will awaken and share together. This New Love that will finally consciously nurture, the Earth, Others and Our Selves…we have the possibility to set them and Our Selves free! All this happening in our Body... We will create our New Life…and the New Era in this divine union, where the God and Goddess unites with the human, and the earthy.

We invite you to join us in this unique and sacred journey to Egypt in 2012!

A place of the enduring mysteries that freely shares her
wisdom with all who ask. Here the Temples and Pyramids are energy centers that
that radiate higher vibration to the whole planet. By bringing there our New
Love, and New essence, besides of receiving the amazing and magical
gifts of that journey, we will create a beautiful new dimension for
all of humanity. Where Gods and Goddesses are embodied
and living - On Earth in a new way.


Kata Szenasi: International Channeler for Isis and the Collective, certified Crimson Circle teacher, certified New Breath teacher, gentle flow yoga teacher, soul communicator, Adoula. For more information about Kata and her biography, please visit:

Erno van Doesselaar: International Channeler for Kuthumi lal Singh, Yeshua, Raphael and more Angelic friends, certified Crimson Circle teacher, certified new breath teacher, musician, soul communicator.

For more information about Erno and his biography, Please visit:

The Collective: During our sacred journey we will be guided, inspired, nurtured and empowered by the Collective. This represents all energies from the Gods and Goddesses and the Pharaohs, who guide us together with Mary Magdalena, Yeshua, Kwan Yin, Kuthumi, our Soul Essences, Archangel Raphael, Ah-Ki-Rah, Laksmi, Metatron and others who came to us in their willingness and joy to share this experience with all of us. This time the Collective will be led by Isis.

Besides the channels through Kata and Erno, all participants will have the possibility to consciously connect with the Collective and receive their blessings, loving support and individual guidance.


Vanda Osmon created Joy Travel in 1983, after a profound spiritual experience in Egypt. Her work is a service of love to aid in the global remembrance and awakening that is occurring in our lifetime. She specializes in sacred journeys for the heart and soul and has created over 82 customized global sacred journeys all over the world, and has led over 36 sacred journeys to Egypt since 1982. Vanda provides opportunities to see, feel and explore Earth Mysteries as she has built up many connections. She has been organizing Sacred Spiritual Journeys to Egypt for the Crimson Circle for 3 years in a row, for Jonette Crowley and many others. For more information, please visit:

EGYPT Itinerary


Sat Dec 1, 2012
US Clients leave for overnight flight to Cairo.

Day 1: Sun Dec 2, 2010: - CAIRO
USA and European Guests arrive to Cairo. Please arrive by 5:00PM. Assisted and transferred to Fairmont Heliopolis Hotel. 7:30PM Welcome Dinner and Gathering. You will be welcomed by Kata and Erno and they will introduce you to the Collective, so everyone can step into their magical connection, out of the regular time and space. (B)

Day 2: Mon Dec 3, 2012: - Abu Simbel
Breakfast and then a short gathering: Invitation to conscious travelling with your Soul and the Collective. Morning Domestic flight from to Abu Simbel. Arrive and transferred to Seti Hotel. Here Rameses II and his beloved wife Nefertari will welcome you and nurture you in this sacred journey of embodying the Goddess and God self. We begin the transformational process with a gathering, where we will receive the divine seeds and a special yoga session will help us to anchor this. Visit the twin Temples of Abu Simbel. Welcome Dinner and evening gathering, Invitation to connect with your inner God and Goddess, so that you can receive their wisdom and new inspirations for your journey. (B&D)

Day 3. Tues Dec 4, 2012: - ELEPHANTINE ISLAND - Cruise Night One
This day starts with a private Sunrise Celebration. We will greet the dawn with conscious breathing and a Live channel with the Collective to awaken the day. Flight back to Aswan and transfer to H/S. 5 Star Sonesta Moon Goddess for 4 Nights sailing from Aswan to Luxor. Lunch on board and in the afternoon felucca sail to Elephantine Island and visit the Temple of Khnum - A place of creation where The Ram-headed God Khnum created man on a potter’s wheel. Here we will have an intimate Gathering about Natural Receiving. Return to our Nile Cruise. Overnight in Aswan on cruise. (BLD)

Day 4: Wed. Dec 5, 2012: - TEMPLE OF ISIS - Cruise Night Two
Early morning short breathing session and Breakfast. Visit to the beautiful Temple at Philae dedicated to the Goddess Isis. Here we will connect consciously and intuitively with the divine Goddess and ask for a message for ourselves and for humanity. Return to our Nile Cruise we will have a special gathering to open and receive the Gifts of Isis. Lunch and then visit the Temple of Kom Ombo - The dual Temple of Horus (the divine Hawk) and Sobek the crocodile god, which symbolize the duality of our own higher and lower natures. Return to the cruise ship and sail to Edfu. Dinner and evening entertainment on board. (BLD)

Day 5: Thru, Dec 6, 2012: - EDFU TEMPLE - Cruise Night Three
Breakfast, and then visit Horus Temple in Edfu. This magnificent Temple is one of the best preserved of all the temples, its inscriptions describe the mysteries of the "First Time". A library of ancient esoteric knowledge was once archived here. On our Nile Cruise everybody will receive their own divine personal message with Horus and there will be a Collective-Initiation to channeling led by Isis and Kuthumi. Then sail to Luxor via Esna Locks. Lunch & Afternoon gathering on the upper deck. Sail to Luxor. In the late afternoon visit the beautiful Luxor Temple called the Temple of Man and then see the Avenue of the Sphinx that once connected Luxor with Karnak Temple. (BLD)

Day 6:  Fri, Dec 7, 2012: - KARNAK TEMPLE AND VALLEY OF THE KINGS - Cruise Night Four
Early Morning visit Shrine of Sekhmet with visit inside if possible. Today we will open to the transformational healing energies of Sekhmet through conscious breathing and our connection with the Collective. Then visit Karnak Temple. Return to Cruise for a gathering and channeling with the Collective on new DNA activations of new codes to embody the God and Goddess. After lunch we go to the West Bank and experience the exquisite Temple of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut, one of the architectural masterpieces of the ancient world then visit the Valley of the Kings with its deep subterranean tomb complexes. Sharing and discussion on our Nile Cruise. (BLD)

Day 7:  Sat, Dec 8, 2012: - DENDERAH AND ABYDOS TEMPLES
Early Breakfast and Check-out the Nile cruise. Journey by bus to Denderah and the Temple of Hathor (goddess of love and joy). A gathering to consciously receive the New love, beauty and joy in You! Then experience the famous circular zodiac ceiling and the secret crypts with enigmatic images. Then on to Abydos, one of the most amazing sites in Egypt. These temples were universities of higher learning where art, sound, dance, astrology, sacred geometry and healing were taught. Gathering to open the gifts of higher wisdom, new clarity, new potentials and new knowingness. Here we will connect to our creative intuition. Check in at the Sonesta St George. Dinner is on your own. Overnight in Luxor.

Day 8: Sun Dec 9, 2012 – GIZA
Early gentle flow Yoga session overlooking the Nile and Breakfast. Transfer to Luxor Airport for our flight to Cairo. Check into the fabulous Mena House Oberoi Hotel for 4 nights. Afternoon session with the Collective, where we connect deeper with our Body and Souls, to receive the powerful creator in the body. This includes gentle flow yoga and a new DNA activation. Dinner on your own.

Day 9: Mon Dec 10, 2012 –SAKKARA AND SERAPUM
After breakfast visit Sakkara and explore the Step Pyramid and healing complex designed by architect and initiate Imhotep including a visit to the new Museum and a visit to the amazing Serapum. We will work with sound and voice to unite the energies of our Human and Divine.
Lunch at the Palm Club with channeling of the Collective and an Invocation of new energies through toning. Overnight Mena House Hotel.

After breakfast morning gathering at a home with a roof top that overlooks the Sphinx and Pyramids. Then visit the Giza Plateau. We will explore the Giza Plateau and visit the Valley Temple, the others pyramids Valley Temple. Private visit at the Sphinx and then in the late afternoon we will have private visit inside the Great Pyramid. This is a great picture place! These amazing sites are the most powerful places on the planet and they contain the knowledge of our true origin. From these Star gates we will energize our full potential and radiate our love to the planet, as we invite all the past aspects and stories to come home to write a NEW Story! How would that be for You?" Feel, see, allow and receive this New Energy that embraces and expands beyond the divine seeds of the past and creates a new Love and a new Divine Living.

Day 11 Wed Dec 12, 2012: Free Day or possible Private visit on Dec. 12.
If possible: A new Dawn 6:00AM to 8:00AM with Private visit to Pyramids & the Sphinx. In the King’s Chamber there will be a channel with Isis and Ah-Ki-Rah. After a tour of Giza plateau including Valley Temple and Third pyramid. Time to a camel ride or shop. Gathering at a home with a roof top that overlooks the Sphinx and the Pyramids for a final Isis Channel. Farewell Dinner. Overnight Mena House Oberoi Hotel.

Day 12, Thru Dec 13, 2012:  
Breakfast & All Guests departure from the airport at Heliopolis.

Having completed our Embody The Goddess and The God sacred journey, you will depart into Your New Life where The God en Goddess essences are no longer separated from You. Where you are fully enriched with this life changing experience, to birth a new divine Life for You. You will walk in Your new Life as the Divine Human that embraced their Goddess and God presence and essence, to radiate divinity wherever you go.

With Your Goddess and God united within, You will now lead a divine new Way

in this new Era… 

This itinerary includes the following:-


The price does not include:-

Egypt - 5-Star Deluxe Program – Excellent Prices

Our Prices:

Land only: Your own air to Cairo. Includes all items on the itinerary and Egypt domestic air. Based on double occupancy.

To receive Early Bird pricing: Register Now until June 20th - $4,100.00
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Land Cost After June 20th - $4,444.00 - Send in $800 with registration
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Sept. 20th: $1,244.00

International Air: JFK/CAIRO: Please check the web or call Vanda at Joy Travel 1 800 569-5010 for contract pricing.

Single Supplement for your own single room throughout all days: $ 700.00

Cancellation Policy: Deposits are non refundable. We advise all clients to secure Travel Insurance. See If interested call them and ask about cancel for any reason policies. This journey is non-refundable; however you may transfer your registration to another person sixty days before departure. All cancellations must be in writing.


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Travel Documents:

Travel to Egypt requires a valid passport with a minimum of six months before expiration. We will obtain your visas. All tour documents, helpful packing hints, final itinerary and your flight tickets will be mailed before departure. Travel insurance is recommended. Information about insurance will be sent to you upon registration.

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Follow the heart for as long as you live, for it is the organ that retains the greatest sensitivity to the harmonizing, archetypal forces of Sirius, it becomes our "listening place", for the Sirian/Isis message of Eternal Love, Knowledge and Understanding. Everything we need to "know", Everything we need to "understand", about our world, and our place in it, is always before us. We need only open our eyes…


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