Presented by: Vanda Osmon, Joy Travel and Dr. Valerie Girard, PanHarmonic Healing


March 15 - 28, 2009
Option to Alexandria 03/28 - 03/30, 2009

You are invited….
To embark on a profound transformational journey to Egypt to integrate and embody ancient wisdom. Experience a living book of miracles and co-create with the highest Divine energies. Activate your soul’s potential through discovery, meditations, inner journeys, sacred movement, group experiences, sharing, joy and contemplation. Awaken the gift of Inner Knowing…walk the path of Mastery with gratitude, empowerment, and a compassionate heart… participate in Planetary Healing…all at Stargate Egypt!

The Christalis CodeActivate your Highest Potential using the encoded moving language of the Ancient Ones. This code can be used, in meditation, healing practices, intent work, and art and in ceremony. It honors the best of traditions and offers succinct evolutionary pathways for personal and planetary healing.

Egypt is a multi-dimensional Stargate. It is a portal of high energy located on a major earth grid, where the veil between the dimensions is thin and communication with the Divine is heightened. Egypt is also at the heart of the enduring mysteries… where alchemy and healing merges into a divine process of initiation, transforming humans into illuminated beings. The Ancient Ones depicted Egypt as a stairway to heaven by reproducing a map of the stars onto the Temples on Earth. As above so below! 

Egypt holds the energetic keys to galactic wisdom that enables us to remember our divine origins. The Ancients Ones decoded the knowledge contained in LIGHT. They understood the regenerative energies of the Sun and Star light that enabled them to become spiritual masters. They created sacred physical structures that mimic the harmonic golden ratio found in nature to maintain universal harmony. The Sphinx, pyramids, and temples (Libraries in Stone) were aligned with the celestial horizon and stars and placed on specific Earth grids. Energetically alive and active, they are infused with Divine power!  

We will explore the Egyptian God Thoth-Alchemist, Magician and Scribe of Wisdom. Thoth wrote the EMERALD TABLETS, which revealed profound spiritual wisdom and was the source of alchemy and hermetic sciences. It was encoded with mysterious wording with specific steps to achieve personal transformation. We will journey into the Halls of Amenti, to obtain the guidance of the Nine Lords of Time, the guardians of Time-Space reality.

Each step along the way, Temples offer a homeopathic dose of ancient mystery school wisdom. They enable a deepening of self-knowingness to release outmoded patterns and beliefs. Private admission in the Great Pyramid aligns us with the Galactic Heart. These experiences help to open to greater Divine Awareness and Intuition of the Higher Heart.

Now is the time to remember the First Time, known as Sep Tepi or the Age where gods walked the land and where the twin worlds of Heaven and Earth intermingled. On this sacred journey we will walk the sands of Egypt and peer through the veils of time to Know Truth for Self, to bring forth greater personal soul empowerment and self-mastery.

You will experience the major Earth vortex and Stargate where cosmic, terrestrial and dimensional energies come together at the paws of the Sphinx and the Pyramids. At key energetic points, we will journey as inter-dimensional travelers, absorbing the Sacred Energies available. At the culmination of our journey on the New Moon we will have private time inside the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid to activate our highest potential.

Spring Equinox is a time of new beginning and renewal and your journey through Egypt will be filled with amazing experiences that will stir your soul at its deepest level. Join us with reverence and joy as we retrace the footsteps of the Ancient Ones, experiencing living light-filled temples still resonating with profound mystery.


VANDA OSMAN created Joy Travel in 1983, after a profound spiritual experience in Egypt. She specializes in sacred journeys for the heart and soul and has created and over 68 customized journeys worldwide. Vanda provides opportunities to see, feel and explore Earth mysteries. She helps create the space for greater miracles to occur.  Vanda is a researcher and a spiritual historian and will be sharing her expertise on spiritual activation, soul empowerment and the sacred sites in Egypt. She creates "empowering living stories" with a love of connecting people, places, past and present into a greater understanding.

JOY TRAVEL offers the best experiences to explore sacred places of the world. Each journey is designed to enhance your personal transformation and is created to foster multidimensional experiences for the body, mind, and spirit. See

Dr Valerie Girard is the founder and director of PanHarmonic Healing. Dr. Girard began bringing forth this profound body of work after a significant spiritual experience in 1988. She has devoted the last 20 years to researching and teaching this complete compendium of healing and spiritual evolution, as well as using in on thousands of patients. Her energetic healing work is the synergy of esoteric and shamanic healing, the Sacred Mysteries, Light Body work, ritual and ceremony as well as activation of the Christalis Avatars for personal and planetary healing. With great joy, she aligns with the intent of personal and planetary healing for all those beings that are called at this time.


5 Star+ Sacred Journeys Includes:

The Journey begins – Step into the Stargate and awaken the ancient codes of mastery within you. Connect with your radiant Light body and radiate that love and light to the world. It is the time of the great awakening and a guiding divine hand has prepared the way for you. Egypt calls you home!


Day 1 – Sun – 3/15 – DEPARTURE
Our group will fly directly to Cairo from JFK New York and other gateway cities. 
Day 2 – Mon – 3/16 – CAIRO
Arrive Cairo 11:30AM and transferred the Fairmont Heliopolis formally the Sheraton Hotel. Welcome Dinner and group orientation. (B&D)
Day 3 – Tues –3/17 –  ASWAN
Depart for Aswan. Transfer to our deluxe 5 star Nile Cruise the M/S. Sonesta Sun Goddess. You home for four nights including all meals. Felucca sail and Gift of the Nile celebration. (BLD) Keynote: Invitation to awaken to your purpose. 
Day 4 – Wed – 3/18 - KOM OMBO
Morning visit to the Temple of Isis at Philae. Sail to the Temple of Kom Ombo, the dual Temple of Horus (Haeroris, divine Hawk) and Sobek (crocodile god), which symbolizes the duality of our own higher and lower natures. Sail to Edfu. (BLD) Keynote:   Duality and Balance.
Day 5 – Thur – 3/19 – EDFU & LUXOR - TEMPLE OF HOURS
Visit to the Temple of Horus at Edfu. This magnificent Temple is one of the best preserved of all the temples, its inscriptions describe the mysteries of the "First Time". A library of ancient esoteric knowledge was once archived here. Sail to Luxor. (BLD) Keynote: New beginnings, divine union and gaining new insights along the Nile.
Visit the Karnak Temple, one of the largest most impressive temple complexes in the world. Private time at the Shrine of Sekhmet (lioness goddess and consort of the creator god Ptah) Late afternoon visit to Luxor Temple to watch the sunset. Keynote: Explore the ancient rituals of death and rebirth.
Day 7 –Sat – 3/21 – VALLEY OF THE KINGS
After breakfast check out of the Cruise and visit the West bank and experience the exquisite Temple of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut, one of the architectural masterpieces of the ancient world. Then on to the Valley of the Kings with its deep subterranean tomb complexes and visit the Temple of Dreams at Medinet Habu. Check into New Winter Palace Hotel. (BLD) Keynote: Personal empowerment and the honoring of yourself and others
Day 8 –Sun – 3/22 - DENDERAH & ABYDOS
Morning motor coach to Denderah and the Temple of Hathor (goddess of love and joy). Experience the famous circular zodiac ceiling and the secret crypts with enigmatic images. Then on to Abydos, one of the most amazing sites in Egypt. These temples were universities of higher learning where art, sound, dance, astrology, sacred geometry and healing were taught. Drive back to Luxor. Evening free. (BL)  Keynote: Integration of the mysteries.  
Day 9 – Mon – 3/23 - LUXOR & GIZA PLATEAU
Afternoon flight to Cairo and check into the Le Meridian Pyramid Hotel near the pyramids. (B)
Day 10 – Tues 3/24 - CAIRO MUSEUM
Visit to the world famous Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and then a visit to the Citadel. We will then honor the three holy places: The Church of Mary and Joseph, The Synagogue of Moses and the Alabaster Mosque and the Citadel. Overnight Le Meridian hotel. (B) Keynote understanding and synthesis.
Day 11 – Wed 3/25 - SAKKARA
Visit Sakkara and explore the Step Pyramid and healing complex designed by visionary architect and initiate Imhotep including the new Museum. At this sacred site, we will work with sound to unite the energies of Heaven and Earth. Lunch nearby at the Palm Club.  Possible trip to Dashur and Red pyramid. Keynote: Understanding dimensional energies and sound. (B&L)
Day 12 – Thur – 3/26 - GREAT PYRAMID - NEW MOON
Explore the Giza Plateau, the three pyramids, Valley Temple and the Sphinx, the most powerful vortex point on the planet. The lion in the sky is linked with the Sphinx on earth and they contain the knowledge of our true origin. This Stargate will energize our full potential as we radiate our love to the planet. Private visit inside the Great Pyramid. (B) Keynote: Soul empowerment, initiation and remembering your divine origin.
Day 13- Fri – 3/27 - GIZA PLATEAU
Free day to, ride a camel, shop or to relax by the pool. Evening Farwell dinner B&D
Day 14 – Sat – 3/28 - DEPARTURE
Morning transfer to the airport for your flight home filled with amazing experiences
Day 14 – Sat 3/28
Leisurely morning and afternoon drive to Alexandria. Check into Palestine Palace Hotel. Visit to the beach and leisure time. (B)
Day 15- Sun 3/29
Afternoon visit to the Roman Greeco Museum, Catacomb, Pompy’s Pillar and Alexandria Library. Overnight Alexandria. (B).
Day 16 Mon 3/30
Return to Cairo and transfer to our hotel. (B).
Day 17 – Tues 3/31 - DEPARTURE
In the morning transfer to airport for our flight home.
B-Breakfast, L-Lunch and D-Dinner.

Egypt - 5-Star Deluxe Program

Air/ Land Cost:                                   $4,375.00
Includes air from JFK, Egypt domestic air, all items on the itinerary. Based on double occupancy. Call for great airfares from your home city.
Land Cost:                                          $3,350.00
(If you get your own air to Cairo. Includes all items on the itinerary and Egypt domestic air. Based on double occupancy).
 Single Supplement:                           $ 850.00
Option to Alexandria TBD
Early registration is needed to secure your space. Please send $450 deposit.
Register before December 1st, 2008 and deduct $50.00 as an early bonus. Discounts available for multiple bookings. Balance due on or before 1/15/09. In the event of cancellation all monies will be refunded less $100.00 cancellation fee and any prepaid non-refundable expenses. No refund 2 weeks prior to departure. All cancellation must be in writing. Insurance is available. Refund on airline tickets based on airline policies.
Register early to secure your space. To book this tour, please complete the form and send with your $450.00 deposit. Make checks payable to

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Travel Documents
Travel to Egypt requires a valid passport with a minimum of six months before expiration. We will obtain your visas. All tour documents, helpful packing hints, final itinerary and your flight tickets will be mailed before departure. Travel insurance is recommended. Information about insurance will be sent to you upon registration.

Responsibility and Disclaimer
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