Awakening, embodying and honoring the Divine Heart within all life.

This transformational journey is a living book in which we will experience miracles in the moment and co-create the highest experiences with divine energies. Costa Rica is a gateway to greater personal rejuvenation for the mind body and soul. It is a unique healing land of spectacular natural beauty, unlimited life force and pure pranic energy, which offers a cornucopia of profound spiritual experiences.

As a circle of light of kindred souls we will open ourselves to receive the gifts of nature and activate our cellular wisdom and knowledge. We will realize our highest potential through discovery, soul remembrance, meditations, ceremonies, play, joy and sacred moments of contemplation. Come join us!

You are about to embark upon an amazing journey. A portal through time and space Within the Spirit of Nature. We will immerse ourselves in nurturing sacred places where the energies of the mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes, rain forest and ocean provide alchemical transformation into greater dimensions of ourselves. We will explore Nature, the Great Mother beckoning us home, teaching us about the laws of nature, ancient wisdom, beauty, natural vitality, abundance, cooperation and our true potential. During this journey and at the Full moon we will integrate powerful cosmic energies with our stellar origins and transmit our goodwill to humanity. We will tap into our creative life force for greater empowerment and conscious mastery.

Gaia, as the Earth was called in ancient times, is a living organism composed of a dynamic system of energetic lines and vortices. This global energy grid links major centers all over the world. These sacred places act as antennas for cosmic and terrestrial energies and are a catalyst for the transformational process. Within the landscape of Costa Rica are energetic centers that are aligned with our own body chakras. We will experience them on a deep cellular level awakening our DNA and our true nature.

This journey offers the best of Costa Rica through many unique experiences. Exciting new archaeological discoveries are being made in Costa Rica. We have the opportunity to be with the leading researcher on our visit to Guayabo/Catie. We also will have a special gathering with May East from Findhorn. She will share her expertise on Eco Villages and sustainable environment. We have arranged for a visit to the Cano Island Biological Reserve to see the mysterious " stone spheres" . Janine will be offering yoga sessions and profound energy work and I will be sharing more on world grids and sacred sites.

A little about Costa Rica. It is a stable prosperous peaceful nation where 25% of its land is devoted to national parks. It is known worldwide for eco tourism, unspoiled beaches, majestic mountains, secret waterfalls, playful dolphins and scarlet sunsets.

The " stone spheres" of Costa Rica are one of the strangest mysteries in archaeology. Since 1930, hundreds of stone balls ranging from a few inches to nine feet in diameter and weighing over 30 tons have been found. These enigmatic objects are monolithic sculptures made by ancient man by unknown means. In analyzing the positions of the spheres, they found many were arranged in a triangular groupings oriented to the magnetic north pole and where aligned to global sites like Easter Island, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids. These skill sculptors created perfectly shaped spheres showing a high degree of mathematical ability as wall as advanced knowledge of stone carving. Ivar Zapp author of Atlantis in America feels after numerous years of study that the spheres represent the evidence of a pre-flood navigational culture that existed here thousands of years ago. We will explore this enigma.


Janine Fafard is a metaphysician, healer, guide and spiritual practitioner. She has been guiding and teaching through inner body mind landscape via yoga and facilitating her own designed Soul Surrender therapy sessions for the past fifteen years. She was called to Costa Rica in 1989, and has been " holding the space" for others to come through this portal to discover its natural beauty and soul rejuvenating potential. Her work is dedicated to the vision of a World of Peace by bringing Heaven on Earth that is birthed through our bodies. 
Vanda Mary Osmon
created Joy Travel in 1983, after a profound spiritual experience in Egypt. She specializing in sacred journeys for the heart and soul and has created and escorted over 50 customized journeys worldwide. Vanda provides opportunities to see, feel and explore Earth mysteries and helps create the space for greater miracles to occur. Vanda is a global networker researcher, co-founder of Quest for Atlantis on Bimini. She creates empowering living stories with a love of connecting people, places, past and present into a greater understanding.
journeys for the Heart and Soul offers sacred global journeys that are designed to enhance your personal transformation and to foster multidimensional experiences for your mind, body, and spirit. Please visit her WEBSITE:

" The heart of the mystic is a doorway" .. The new energy that is available to us is an energy of oneness that can help us live our true role in relation to the planet, a role of stewardship based on conscious interconnectedness" . Llewellyn Vaughan


Here in the Heart of the Americas where the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South meet with the Dove of Peace, something magical is emerging that is pure and authentic. It represents a global example that will spark a new paradigm based on mutual respect, cooperation and environmental sustainability. Join us and experience that unique paradise for yourself.


Day 1 Sat - 1/22/05 DEPARTURE 
Depart from your gateway cities. Arrive in the evening in San Jose capital of Costa Rica. Airport greeting and transfer to the lovely San Gildar Hotel in Escazu.


Day 2, Sun - 1/23/05 SAN JOSE 
Morning visit to the National Museum of Costa Rica and a special afternoon gathering with May East from Findhorn, developer of global Eco Villages. She will talk on sustainable environment, renewable energy, organic food production, holistic education and cooperative social economies. (B& D)


Day 3 Mon - 1/24/05 BLACK MADONNA/IRAZU
We start with a morning ceremony uniting our root (1st) chakra with our crown (7th) chakra. We then travel to Cartago the first capital to we pay homage to the black Madonna, patron saint of Costa Rica lovingly called " La Negrita" or Our Lady of the Angels. We will light our candles and ask the Divine Mother for her blessing on our journey. We continue up the mystical Irazu Volcano, passing the unofficial middle point of the Americas. Here we will ask the blessings of the Divine Father to integrate unity within. We will open to the spirits of the lands as we journey to our lovely Guayabo Lodge, which overlooks the Turrialba valley with breathtaking views. Nestled between these two majestic volcanoes, we call forth our vision, dreams and the highest intentions for ourselves and all humanity. (BD)


Day 4 Tues - 1/25/05 GUAYABO - FULL MOON.
We will visit the botanical gardens of CATIE and its latest intriguing archeological discoveries before heading to the Guayabo National Park. Major archeological discoveries are also occurring here. The excavation includes aqueducts, paved sidewalks, and circular mounds. There is also a large stone carved with a Jaguar and a Crocodile, gods of the forest and river. The Turrialba Valley is a microcosm of prehistoric life in Costa Rica with sites dating to 10,000 BC to AD 1500. Michael Snarskis Professor of Archeology and the foremost expert will be leading our tour. He has founded and directed the Department of Archaeological Research at the National Museum for 10 years and has 55 published books and articles. Option for Hot air ballooning. B& D


Day 5 Wed - 1/26/05 CHIRRIPO 
Today we will head south via the most scenic route of the whole country. We will picnic in the Las Quebradas Biological Center, admiring a butterfly farm and if time permits a visit a to a tropical medicinal herb farm called the New Dawn. We then take a mystical drive into the valley and emerge at the base of a most mystical mountain, the Chirripo. Its name means " place of the eternal waters" and it resonates with our 8th chakra center from where the divine energies pour into us. It is also highly respected as sacred to the indigenous people. Time to visit ancient hieroglyphs nearby. We settle into the cozy and comfortable Rio Chirripo Retreat for two nights. This twelve-acre oasis is by a crystal clear river and has a hilltop swimming pool with wonderful food. (B& D)


Day 6 Thur 1/27/04 CHIRRIPO PARK 
A day as you like with various options: a leisure walk to the Herradura Hot Springs and soak into a natural thermal-water in the midst of the forest or a half-day tour with a guide going up part of the path into the Chirripo National Park or a walk through the lush rainforest to a secret waterfall. We will co-create an amazing day with time to relax and attune to this beautiful area. (B& D)


Day 7 Fri 1/28/05 PLAYA TORTUGA 
We drive to the beautiful southwest coast, one of the most biologically diverse region on the earth. This unspoiled place provides the opportunities to learn ancient wisdom for the very source. Here we will connect with original pranic energies as we renew our mind, body and soul. Check into the Hotel Villas Gaia with a swimming pool and spectacular ocean sunsets. (B& D)


Day 8 Sat - 1/29/05 CANO ISLAND RESERVE 
We drive from our hotel to the sleepy Sierpe River, then take a boat to another realm and arrive at the electrifying Cano Island. The remote and pristine area is known for its mysterious " stone spheres" , lush rain forest, beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife and playful dolphins. We will explore and enjoy this paradise place. Return to our hotel. B& D


Today is a day of leisure and integration. Options to go close by to the underwater Playa Ballena National Park for swimming, kayaking or dolphin sightseeing. A day to enjoy the serenity of this magical place one of the most unspoiled virgin rainforest in the country, filled with monkeys, butterflies, scarlet macaws, and orchids. (B& D)


Day 10 Mon 1/31 SAN JOSE
Today we come full circle and return to San Jose. We will picnic at the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park before we return to the San Gildar Hotel. Our circle of light is complete filled with amazing experiences, renewed energy and profound transformation. Farewell dinner. (B& D)


Day 11 Tues 2/1/05: Return Flight Home
After breakfast transfer to the airport for our flight home.




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