Center of Illumination, June 2002

JUNE 2002

Dear brothers and sisters:

From the center of illumination in the Peruvian Andes (Sacred cave of K'akkapunko- Cusco), we would like to thank you once more for participating in the ceremony of re-unification of the energies of the eagle-condor, for anchoring the golden light and the rainbow as well as for the activation of the crystal temple at the lagoon of Huayllapacheta held on June 21-22, 2002.

All of us represented different aspects of humanity joined together by a profound love,respect, gratitude and devotion.The ceremonies at the cave and lagoon have achieved their goals in different levels, we have fulfilled our mission of irradiating light into our beloved planet and walking firmly ahead in our spiritual evolution as well as supporting the ascension of Gaia.

A few days ago, we gathered to meditate and thank deeply from the bottom of our hearts to the ascended masters of the White Brotherhood, to our space brothers, Rahma Mission guides and the Ashtar Command and our intra-terrestrial brothers, for their permanent support and guidance through the ceremonies and our stay in that sacred land. We had a wonderful meditation, very emotional and fulfilling, they have asked me to share this message with you. They manifest it has taken thousand of years to reunite us once more to complete a mission which has started 4200 years ago, a mission of love and hope, they expected the highest levels of vibration and opening to be able to integrate into one energy, into the divine, into ONE, so we could celebrate a ceremony of light, love and unity in their purest forms. They are very happy and congratulate each of us because we made it! they thank us for being there,for opening our hearts into unconditional love, for letting the divine energy flow, for understanding what service means and above all, for humanity and its process of enlightment.

They really appreciate our collaboration and devotion in this new era of light, for awakening and taking roles, for fulfilling our mission of hope and light, for learning to respect one another, for letting the ego fly away, for sharing harmony and friendship.

We have received many blessings and a very powerful Christ consciousness energy which will open many doors in our evolution and future work, this energy has been integrated into our hearts so we can irradiate unconditional love and light to others. The contact was manifested in different ways and the bridge of light was created from the cosmos to us. The higher realms rejoice for the circle of light created, and especially, because we have acknowledged our divine origin.

This trip was hard physically but it had amazing rewards, we reconfirmed the presence of the divine in the physical like watching the andean eagle flying peacefully over us, rainbows, golden ships,beams of light, angels and devas chanting mantras with us, a beautiful golden ship from the Ashtar Command has been with us along the trip, merkabas of light, but we have also received symbols of the purest cosmic love such as the rose the Master integrated into our hearts, crystal staffs, shawls of pure energy over our shoulders, crystal integrated into our hands, third eyes and hearts,etc. These experiences have been very subtle in the physical plane but very powerful in the astral planes, we have no idea how they will change our lives.This time, the experience was directed to the heart, to feel and accept, to let the divine love fill your lives. This energy will feed you forever, and will be with you always.

Now, we all know, we are part of a circle of light, we weave a web of light around the planet, our compromise comes from the heart and we also join many other light workers with one purpose:irradiate light! Profound gratitude to all of you for opening your hearts, for listening the call,for attending to a cosmic gathering prepared in the higher realms eons ago. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for your unconditional love, humbleness, devotion, purity and for giving the best of you in service to humanity. Thanks so much for being you, beings of light!!!

We have re-created a wonderful circle of light which has also manifested in the higher realms as well as in the intra-terrestrial retreats and crystal temples. We have brought from the cosmos into the inner world the golden ray through us,we carry the light, we are the light, we are ONE!

My dear ones, you carry the condor energy integrated into your hearts also, this energy represents the power, wisdom and freedom. I'm so happy each of you represents that divine flame, that wonderful condor flying peacefully in the skies of the Americas, bringing PEACE on earth.

I really hope we will meet again in another wonderful ceremony anywhere around the planet, and once more, re-create a circle of light,a circle of the rainbow warriors irradiating light to humanity!

Let the divine guide your path, let the energy flow and carry the divine flame within you always.

See you in the light!

Marcela de Lavaissiere

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