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June, 2003

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We will be gathering at a special Cave of Illumination for the Solstice in the Andes. We will be honoring the re-unification of the energies of the Eagle and the Condor  and experiencing the down pour of divine energies activating our bodies and soul.
The Andes are calling you home and this is an invitation to your soul. The doorway is open for you.

  Marcela de Lavaissiere

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Sacred cave of K´akkapunco

There are sacred places in the world that are lost in time and exist today as centers of spiritual illumination. There are special places known by indigenous cultures where mystical traditions and the reality of visitation to the Earth by a variety of entities are well known. These ancient stargates of knowledge that were once closed are now open and they offer spiritual experiences that will help transform human consciousness.

From sacred places in the Andes high in the mountains, rarefied energies are being poured down upon the earth to help us re-member and awaken dormant energies, abilities and unconditional love. By coming together and sharing rituals, meditations and prayers, we can activate our divine essence and then upon returning home, we can share this rarefied energy as a gift to help awaken those around us.

The Andes are calling and if you are drawn to Peru for an authentic spiritual experience, join us to these sacred mountains and caves. Open to the beauty of your soul and feel the love of mother earth and the divine, filling your body and consciousness with the most powerful healing divine energy. Feel yourself in harmony with the hearts of many other souls and light circles around the world. We will be weaving a circle of light with millions of strands wrapping humanity in light. The doorways are open!


Visit sacred places in the Andes, experience energy vortexes and portals, and integrate ancient Peruvian wisdom into your life. Experience K" akkapunco a pristine center of illumination that call us to honor, activate and integrate cosmic forces - our stellar origins with traditional wisdoms. We will have the opportunity to experience special ceremonies and meditations to connect with the Golden Ray and experience our guides and the interdemensional beings that are available at this time. We will work with the feminine ray and the unification of the Eagle and Condor to ushers a new Golden Era of peace, compassion and love for all humanity.


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Visit the center of illumination in the Andean plateau called K'akkapunko an Aymara name for Stone Door. This sacred cave is honored by the ancient ones and is a stargate of ancient knowledge. This cave was a remnant of the time of Mu, where there was a White Brotherhood retreat. It is also a place where the intra-terrestrial beings, the devas and the masters will welcome you. We will work with the energies of the unification of the Eagle and the Condor and have a global healing mediation invoking the highest for humanity and ourselves. In the afternoon see the Sphinx Mountain called in Husahuani, for an activation ceremony. Evening ceremony under the stars linking with cosmic frequencies of love, unity and remembrance. 

Next day visit a sacred lagoon called Hwayllapacheta, Aymara name for People of the High Peak gathers together. It is a White Brotherhood retreat, with a crystal temple under the lagoon. We will have a special mediation to connect with the crystal temple. We will honor the shift of energies from Himalayas to the Andes and the opening of the Temples of Illumination. We will give an offering as a blessing to this sacred land. 


Benoit de Lavaissiere Founder of Enigma Expeditions is a native of Avignon, France. He is fluent in English, Spanish and French as well as a variety of native dialects. Benoit is a world traveler and environmentalist since the age of 18, and he has traveled the most remote regions of Asia, Africa and South America for twenty years. He is able to cope with the most difficult situation in adventure travel with grace and humor. Benoit is able to provide a superior level of service to his clients and maintain a high degree of comfort during any conditions.

Marcela de Lavaissiere was born in Cusco, Peru and educated in the United States. Marcela is a world traveler, visionary, an inspiring guide, and co-owner of Enigma expeditions. She has followed spirit and has experienced the holy men and women of Tibet, Nepal, Cambodia and the sacred places in France, Africa and North and South America. She has had many experiences with interdemensional cosmic energies and divine being that guide and inspire her. Her vision is to bring light souls together to help activate the divine body, empower the soul and work with the emerging energies of the Andes. She currently works with the energies of the Unification of the Eagle and the Condor. She is working to establish a light center in Lake Titicaca and a retreat center near her cave in the Andes.

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